About us

  • Cristina is the Director and Founder of CW Abroad, our inspirational leader and the heart of CW team
  • Lucrecia is originally from Mar del Plata, Argentina and is one of our program specialists
  • Maria is our CW counselor.She loves traveling and learning about different cultures.
  • Martin is originally from Buenos Aires and is one of our volunteer coordinators
  • They are Sonia, Mecha, Maggie and Gastón, our coordinators in Buenos Aires

About us


Our mission is to provide affordable and meaningful cultural immersion programs that empower local communities, and create leaders and change lives both of locals and participants. We achieve that by partnering with local and overseas organizations and governments that are willing to enhance their communities through different projects and learning experiences.


María Cristina Acuña founded Connecting Worlds in 2011 as an Argentine organization that supports affordable exchange programs in Argentina and Latin America. She holds a Licentiate degree in Tourism and is at the core of the CW team. Cultural exchange and international experiences are her passion, and she is an avid traveler with first-hand experience in volunteering programs and internships abroad.


Cristina’s goal is to deliver the richest and most fulfilling cultural programs. So, as the Director and Founder of the organization, she is in direct contact with volunteers and locals and oversees all details of every single program. Her main interest is to offer the most enriching experiences and projects in Argentina, Latin America and the rest of the world. If you want to learn more about Connecting Worlds or any of our programs, or if you even wonder about a customized program for you, write an email to Cristina at [email protected]


Here in Connecting Worlds we believe that the best experiences in life are those we can live first-hand, and many of them can be lived in our trips to places with cultures that are very different to ours.

Traveling narrows the gap between peoples and helps us to widen our horizons, so that we can become more tolerant and empathetic with the world that surrounds us.


Many of our participants are from 18 to 80 years old and come from different parts of the world. Up to now, we have received participants from 32 countries and many of them still stay in touch with the communities where they have completed their programs and they keep on working in volunteering projects.


Connecting Worlds is special for a few reasons:


- We are one of the very few organizations that offers affordable and high-quality cultural exchange programs abroad that is based in a developing country.


We carry out our own projects in Argentina for our own communities. Most organizations are mainly profit-oriented traveling companies based in rich nations. Their objective is to recruit candidates, but they do not have experience in organizing their own volunteering and internship programs in a developing country.


- When starting a program with Connecting Worlds, you are not only helping the community where it will take place, but you are also assisting CW to support solidary projects in Argentina.


- Your fees will be paid to our local partners directly, to keep administrative costs as low as possible, and for you to rest assured that your help is reaching the community without any intermediaries.


- We support the idea that volunteering experiences should be affordable to allow more generous-hearted people to take part, and to make the number of these enriching intercultural exchanges grow significantly.


- Our main objective is to promote affordable cultural programs while being transparent in its fees structure. Also, through traveling and cultural exchange, we help people reach their full potential which in turn leads to a more tolerant, peaceful and environmentally sustainable world.



What does CW Abroad do?


CW Abroad carefully selects charitable causes and various exchange programs in Latin America and Asia, which are administered by local organizations and that are willing to make a difference in their communities and promote cultural exchange.


Many of our projects are volunteering programs, but we also offer internships for students and professionals, programs to teach English abroad, and language courses with discount prices, along with personalized programs that we organize on demand.


Our objective is that, through our experience and knowledge, we are able to help more people to have the possibility of living their own cultural exchange experiences abroad. This is why we do our best to offer quality programs that are safe and affordable.


Why are our programs a lot cheaper than others offered by other organizations?


Firstly, we are a small group of travelers and volunteers committed to our jobs. We look forward to helping other people to live their own experiences abroad.


We know that, when planning a trip, money is a decisive factor. That is why by partnering with local organizations, we can offer programs at a cost that is much lower than the one offered by other intermediary organizations from other countries.


With the objective of offering programs at a fair price, we keep out operating cost at the lowest possible without compromising the quality of our attention. For example, we do not own company vehicles for CW Abroad or rent an expensive office. Many of us even work from home most days of the week to optimize commuting costs.


Instead of spending money on those facilities, we prefer to administer our income efficiently and invest the money on the communities where we work and on the development of new programs.


Transparency above all


For us, being transparent is very important and we believe that it is essential that you know where your money goes when you choose to be part of our programs. Here we explain to you how the money you pay gets divided:


Registration fee: You will see that all programs have a registration fee of USD 249, which is valid for 12 months since the beginning of your program. This is the ONLY income that CW Abroad receives for organizing your program. There are no hidden costs nor any other financial help we may receive from other organizations. We work hard to keep our costs as low as possible. We invite you to compare, and you will see that our prices are not only competitive, but they are also lower than many other organizations that offer similar programs.


The registration fee assures that you will have a place in the program you selected, our assistance before and after your trip, the constant monitoring and assessment from the organizations we work with, as well as our informative guide and Marketing costs.


Program organization fee: This is what you will pay our local partner directly, and this pays for the cost of accommodation, food, orientation, transport and the staff in your destination throughout your stay for the whole program. A small amount of money will be set aside for the development of future programs. If you keep in mind how much you would pay if you lived in hotels and ate in restaurants, you will notice that the fee is minimal.


Moreover, as the programs offered by CW Abroad include non-profit fees, you can rest assured that the fee you paid for your program is going directly to the local organization and the ones you have chosen to help. Our partners in every destination are people-driven organizations, which are mostly funded only with the fees paid by volunteers. Such fees and other donations are key for them to keep on doing some incredible work. We guess you will like it a lot more if your money goes to a local family instead of a fancy hotel company!