Located 1,500m above sea level, this Guatemala’s city is a “World Heritage Site”.After a volcano eruption in the 18th Centurythe city had to be practically rebuilt. Nowadays, it is an open-air museum: reconstructed and colonial buildings show the history of a city that reborn from the ashes. The heart of the city is the Parque Central (Central Park), which is surrounded by other important architectural landmarks. Handcrafts and local cuisine are the main characters at the open-air markets and there is a wide range of places to enjoy Guatemala’s nights. Also, this is one of the most recognized destinations for Spanish language learning. Be prepared to learn about this “Colonial Jewel”…


The best of the city


Architecture: Around the Parque Central, Antigua is full of churches, monasteries and monuments. The Arch of Saint Catalina and the Hill of the Cross are two of the religious sites that well worth a visit. Ruins are a distinctive feature of Antigua and also a symbol of the strength of the people that rebuilt this city. 

Sports & Cultural Activities: Community Tours are well-planned services to explore and discover the secrets of Antigua. If you want to live an extreme adventure, canopy, biking, hiking or boat riding at the beautiful lakes are good options. After a day of activity you can go and relax in the thermal spas at the lake.


Markets: On the weekends, local artisans gather and offer nearly anything you need here: fruit, meat, fish, typical drinks and clothing. This is the best option if you want to make your money go further and also buy local souvenirs! Some markets also host music festivals and celebrations like the Palm Festival, which is a must-do eating activity.


Eating: Antigua has options for all tastes and budgets. The key ingredients of this cuisine are corn, chilies and beans and the most popular dish is called fiambre (a mix of sausage with chicken, olives and chesses). Chocolate, coffee and good-quality wines are part of Antigua’ cuisine. Visitors must avoid cold salad and uncooked meat. 



Antigua has a seasonal weather: dry season (from November to February) and a wet season (from May to October). The temperature average around 20° Celsius. Even in the warm days, the nights are cooler so if you stay out be sure to pack a sweater!


How to get to Antigua


Visitors can arrive in car from Guatemala City Airport (La aurora Airport) in 45-50 min approximately. Many buses offer their services from cities nearby and taxis are the easiest option. Chicken buses (reused U.S School buses) are popular among the local people but they are not a secure way for visitors to travel. Once you arrived to Antigua, you can rent a car or a motorcycle but the best way to explore the city is to walk around.

Reasons to visit Antigua


Architecture and culture: Art and traditions are spread at every corner and in every building of Antigua. Do not miss this Caribbean Paradise!


Eating and Outing: In this foodie´s paradise you will find a mix of flavors at a really low cost. Drinks and good music at the streets or in private parties everywhere assure you fun every night in Antigua!


Lodging Options: It does not matter what budget do you want to spend, Antigua is waiting for you to enjoy!


''Muchas gracias por un tiempo bueno. Yo aprendí español muy rápido. Mis maestras fueron pacientes y nosotros nos reímos mucho.'' Katrin Bunge.

''Thank you so much for a great 4 weeks in Spanish school. I learned a lot of Spanish in a very short time, and my teachers were amazing. It has been avery good experience and hopefully my project will be just as good and help me in learning even more! Marianne P Ersland.

¡Muchas gracias por un tiempo muy fantástico! El tiempo aquí pasa muy rápido y yo deseo más semanas! Hasta luego. Mari Orbak.