Basic Facts


Spanish is Argentina’s official national language

The Argentine peso is the official currency in Argentina

The capital city is Buenos Aires

The country is home to approximately 41,09 million people

Argentina is famous for its contribution to the world of football, with a large proportion of its players heading success all over the world

Argentina is one of the few countries in which two people of the same sex can be married by law

Argentina spans across 2,766,890 square kilometers and is the second largest nation in South America, coming in only behind Brazil.

Reasons to visit Argentina


• To eat lots and lots of very tasty meat.

• To stare out across the pampas region for as far as the eyes can see.

• To ski or hike up incredible mountain landscapes in the country’s Patagonia region.

Life in Argentina


The Republic of Argentina is a democratic society, which operates under a representative, republic and federal democratic government.

The education in Argentina is managed by the national government, provincial governments, federal districts and private institutions. A few key areas have been highlighted by the Ministry of Education to ensure some kind of consistency, but private institutions do have control over the curriculums they offer. Many young people who live in other countries within Latin America choose to study in Argentina, as it’s a lot cheaper than studying in their own countries. The quality of state education in Argentina is also highly regarded across the continent.

Argentina also has a public sector health care system which is financed through taxes. A private health care system also thrives in Argentina. The Ministry of Health (MSAL) is responsible for ensuring that both private and public health care systems are regulated efficiently and consistently evaluated. When talking with Argentines, the common opinion is that the private sector, or at least a semi-private health care option is the best form of health care to have as it means you don’t have to wait and the quality of care is higher.


Top Destinations


Mar del Plata - one of the most popular tourist destinations across the country thanks to its beautiful beaches and tasty fish and an international centre for surfing competitions.

Valle de la Luna - the name of this valley comes from the indigenous quechua language and means “place where the moon sets” It’s located in the north east region of the San Juan province and draws a lot of attention thanks to its desert-like characteristic. Expect little rain, strong winds and extreme temperatures.

• Ushuaia - is the provincial capital of Tierra del Fuego and the gateway to a national park, Tierra del Fuego. It’s the closest you’ll get to the Antarctic without stepping on it and the place to visit for snow, ice and all things white and beautiful.

Buenos Aires - the country’s capital is the bohemian face of Latin America and an amazing city for anyone who loves photography and/or architecture.




Passport/ Visa Requirements


• Is a visa required?: Depending on your country of origin. For more information, please check this website:
• Allocation of Tourist Visa: Tourist Visa is received at the airport of Ezeiza
• Duration of Tourist visa: Lasts up to 90 days
• Tourist Visa Extension: It is possible to extend by leaving the country and flying in again or by paying an extension fee
• Cost of Tourist Visa Extension: Around $300 pesos argentinos
• Passport validation: Must be valid for at least 6 months
• Return/onward flight ticket: Generally not required upon entering the country
• Confirmation of Funds: Declaration of sufficient funds will not be required 




• Currency: Argentinian Peso
Inform Banks: Give the dates of travel and destinations to prevent security blocks on your bank and credit cards
Cash: Always take enough cash to cover your expenses for the first week in case there is a problem with your bank cards or access to ATM’s is limited.
Credit Options: Good idea to have at least two different credit/debit card options i.e. MasterCard, Visa, Maestro, or Cirrus.
Travellers Cheques: Will be able to exchange in major cities and best to take them in Dollars
Western Union: If at any time you have any problems in accessing money you can use Western Union transfer. Money can be sent from your home country and received in Argentina the same day.




Vaccinations: Typhois & Hepatitis A recommended
Malaria medication: Not necessary
See local GP: If vaccinations or medication is required see the doctor 4-6 weeks before your departure
Less than 4 weeks before you leave: You should still see a health-care provider for needed vaccines and other medications and information about how to protect yourself from illness and injury while travelling.
Check the following for up to date information: World Health Organization, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


''The main things that drew me to the program were the fact that our teaching placements would be organised for us in local schools, that we’d have an orientation week in Buenos Aires with intensive Spanish lessons and that once in Mar del Plata we would get to live with local Argentinian host families. Other programs appeared far less organised, offered far less and were often much more expensive...'' Teaching English. Ceri Wills, UK


''The teaching experience has improved my confidence in my presentation skills and has been a useful first insight into the teaching career, which I may choose to take up in the future. However, I have also had insights into the daily family and working life in Argentina through this program which does differ from England significantly in its routine and approach, and I think by experiencing this I have developed new values which has opened my mind to new ideas about my future plans.'' Teaching English. Ben Tollington, UK


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