Symbol of “Patagonia”, Bariloche sits along the shoreline of Lago Nahuel Huapi, in the middle of the national park of the same name, Bariloche has one of the most gorgeous settings imaginable.  Bariloche has something for every taste: the beauty of unspoiled nature, snow and ski, fishing, trekking & hiking, camping, adventure, mountain biking, rafting, paragliding etc.  Bariloche fulfills every visitor’s expectations.


The best of the city


As one of the most visited locations in the Rio Negro province of Argentina, San Carlos de Bariloche, offers a very different, yet equally interesting range of activities both in summer and winter.


Sightseeing: Bariloche is the gateway to all the recreational and scenic splendors of the northern Lake District and the headquarters for Parque Nacional Nahuel Huapi. Some of the must-see places are, without a doubt: Volcán Lanín which dominates the view along the Chilean border; Parque Nacional Nahuel Huapi, the most visited natural park of Patagonia and Centro Cívico: a beautiful collection of log-and-stone buildings where posing for a photo with one of the barrel-toting Saint Bernards makes for a classic Argentine snapshot.


Chocolate: Bariloche is famous in the country for its CHOCOLATE. Home to Argentina’s most fine chocolate factories (La Abuela Goya, Mamushka and Fenoglio), the city offers its visitors not only the chance to see how chocolate is made, but also to try it at sight or buy it “to go” in a traditional packaging


Sports & Recreation: In summer, Bariloche is perfect for horseback riding, biking, trekking, hiking or just strolling over Refugio Frey, Cerro Leones and Cerro Lopez. For an amazing 360° view of the area, get a cable car at Cerro Otto, get a “Chocolate con churros” (hot/cold chocolate and traditional pastry) at the top of the cerro’s spinning restaurant. An incredible adventure is Circuito Chico (small circuit), a 60km route around beautiful Patagonian lakes. Riding clockwise is the easiest way, but if cycling isn't for you, take a bus and just enjoy the views.


Eating and nightlife: All Patagonia is famous for “corderito patagónico” (lamb) and trucha (trout). Try local “chiringos” (small “rustic” inexpensive restaurants) for a real experience. Bariloche also offers an exciting nightlife. There are lots of pubs, discos, and a casino where to party until the wee hours of the morning. Some of the city’s landmarks are: Rocket (it does look like a rocket), Cerebro, Grisu, By Pass, Genus and Club Pacha with its futuristic style welcomes locals and visitors alike.




Bariloche has a cool temperate climate with dry, windy summers and rainy winters. Winter is perfect for enjoying skiing and snowboarding. Temperature fluctuates between 0ºC and -10ºC.. 


How to get to Bariloche


Although Bariloche is nearly 2000kms away from Buenos Aires, it is absolutely worth visiting it and it can be easily accessed by bus or plane for a shorter ride.

Reasons to visit Bariloche


-Gateway to Patagonia: all you think of when you think of Patagonia is here: gorgeous mountain views, blue skies, lakes and a peaceful environment


Chocolate: As the meca of chocolate in Argentina, a place to indulge yourself


-Sports & Nature: Bariloche has everything for every taste and every season. Enjoy it skiing in winter, walking among flowers in spring or sunbathing by the lake in summer. 


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