The Top 8 Checklist in the San Nicolás and Microcentro Neighborhood, Buenos Aires

The neighborhood known as San Nicolás or the Microcentro in Buenos Aires is an architect lover’s dream as well as a point of focus for all tourists who visit Argentina’s capital Continue reading

A Rough Guide to the Culture and People of Argentina

By Charlie Higgins

From futbol fanaticism to habitual asado feasts, the proud people of Argentina share many customs that speak to their unique heritage, which blends old European and criollo traditions. Argentines are generally very open to sharing their culture with foreigners and consider an invitation to drink Continue reading

Argentina’s Climate: Artic Poles to Humid Jungles

By Charlie Higgins

Home to arid deserts, glacial fields and tropical jungles, Argentina’s climate is extraordinarily diverse and difficult to pin down.This can make packing for your Argentina travel experience all the more challenging.Depending on the time of year you visit, you may find yourself hovering over a campfire Continue reading

A New Tango for a New Generation

 By Bridget Ryder

A huge kitsch heart hangs over the bar and across the empty air space stands a high stage, a compilation of wood and metal that gives the impression of having been built from odds and ends and scraps. Below these two focal points, light and art play together. Continue reading