Once and Balvanera: Bargain city in Buenos Aires

By Tracey Chandler

If you want to find something at rock bottom prices, you should probably head to Once, because if you can’t find it at a cheap price in Once, you won’t find it at a cheap price anywhere (in Capital Federal, at least). Continue reading

Caballito: The Beating Heart of Buenos Aires

By Tracey Chandler

Caballito is the family-focused and learned beating heart of Buenos Aires. It might not have the nightlife appeal that Palermo can lay claim to, but it certainly has plenty of historical and literary charm.What does Caballito have to offer? What does Buenos Aires’ literary neighborhood have to share with the fleeting visitors of other countries? Continue reading

Saint Patrick’s Day in Buenos Aires: A Beginner’s Guide

With its characteristic green garb and widespread jubilance, Saint Patrick’s Day is a holiday celebrated to varying degrees in nearly every major city in the world, and Buenos Aires is no exception. This comes as no surprise given that the city is home to an estimated 700,000 residents Continue reading

Barrio Norte: Residential Convenience

By Tracey Chandler

If you plan on staying in Buenos Aires for a lengthy period of time, Barrio Norte is a great neighborhood in which to rent an apartment. It might not be the best place for tourist sites or party excitement, but it is certainly the most convenient place for setting Continue reading

Casapuente: The Best in Nightlife Outside of Capital Federal

By Tracey Chandler

When people visit Buenos Aires to travel, to study or to volunteer, they sometimes don’t realize that there is more to Argentina’s capital than the central section known as Capital Federal, unless they take a trip to Tigre and spend a day on the river and visiting the market there.. Continue reading