Enjoy Eco-Friendly and Environment-Conscious Travel with Tierra Natural

By Tracey Chandler

We are happy to introduce you our new Sustainable Travel Provider: Tierra Natural!

If you want to experience eco-conscious travel in Argentina, there is no better agency to travel with than Tierra Natural, where the natural environment and personal Continue reading

VOS: Language School, Cultural Community or Home from Home in Buenos Aires?

By Tracey Chandler

Find out why VOS Club Cultural is the best place for you to study Spanish and integrate yourself into Argentine society when in Buenos Aires. VOS Club Cultural is special. It’s a “boutique” language community, which offers more than Continue reading

Slow Travel: Making a Connection

Slow Travel is mostly a mindset that promotes a connection to local people and cultures when travelling abroad, achieved by blowing off the tedious list of standard tourist attractions and slowing the pace of holidaying. Continue reading

Neighborhoods of Buenos Aires: Las Cañitas

By Charlie Higgins

An upscale, trendy neighborhood straddling Palermo and Belgrano, Las Cañitas isn’t technically a neighborhood yet maintains a very distinct feel from other parts of Buenos Aires. The area is one of the nicest in the city and is chock full of funky restaurants, bars and clubs. Continue reading

Neighborhoods of Buenos Aires: Chacarita and Colegiales

By Charlie Higgins

Organic Market

Whether you’re browsing for cheap antiques, sampling organic pastries or visiting the graves of tango legends, Chacarita and Colegiales are great neighborhoods to visit on your cultural immersion in Buenos Aires. Continue reading

Funky, classy and athletic: Nuñez is the insider’s face of Buenos Aires

By Tracey Chandler

If you love tennis, rock concerts, 70s club nights and premier league football, Nuñez is the Buenos Aires neighborhood where you should be spending all of your time. Owing to its specific location, edging on the outskirts of Capital Federal (the center of Buenos Aires), Nuñez is one of the neighborhoods in Buenos Aires Continue reading