Enjoy Eco-Friendly and Environment-Conscious Travel with Tierra Natural

By Tracey Chandler

We are happy to introduce you our new Sustainable Travel Provider: Tierra Natural!

If you want to experience eco-conscious travel in Argentina, there is no better agency to travel with than Tierra Natural, where the natural environment and personal discovery are the two most important principles behind every single program on offer. Tierra Natural, newly founded as a travel agency in 2011 but in operation as a travel consultancy for many years, is the best way of travelling around Argentina if you are interested in protecting the environment whilst you make the trip of a lifetime.

There are so many wonderful places to travel to in Argentina, but Tierra Natural is unique in its approach to tour management and travel organization because of the complete and total focus that its two founders, Rossana Pua and  Julieta Salvi, place on protecting the environment.

A little bit of Tierra Natural History

During the 90s, Tierra Natural, under the leadership of Magdalena Senestrari, began serving interested parties of Sustainable Tourism as a travel consultancy for environment-conscious people visiting Argentina for their vacations.

The development of Senestrari’s travel consultancy into the sustainable travel agency that Tierra Natural is today has been a gradual development full of spirit, support and inspiration. So much so that both Pua and Salvi recognize that without Senestrari, they would not have been able to realize their dream of sustainable travel which they now provide to a healthy portion of the Argentine tourist community day after day.

When both Pua and Salvi realized that they were both eager to do everything possible to make travel in Argentina nature conscious and environmentally friendly, there was nothing else to hold them back. In 2012, Tierra Natural is a thriving success of environment-conscious travelers and it seems as though the number of tourists who benefit from this alternative travel agency is not going to stop rising any time soon.

What are the fundamental ideas behind the tours and excursions offered by Tierra Natural?

All of the programs developed for tourists travelling via Tierra Natural fall in line with the following principles

  • A consciousness of oneself in order to develop a better quality of life
  • A consciousness towards others and an underlying respect for different cultures and local communities
  • A consciousness towards the environment and respect for the natural world
  • A responsible approach to daily consumption and the development of local economies

What kind of people normally travel via Tierra Natural?

One of the best things about the tours and excursions offered by Tierra Natural is that they are popular with a wide range of people in terms of age, gender and nationality.

What unites all the people who choose to travel with the help of this eco-conscious travel agency in Argentina is the mutual respect that they all have for nature and the communities that they come into contact with.

All travelers who sign up for travel with Tierra Natural also have a great desire to connect with the natural elements around them and to connect as deeply as possible with themselves too. There are many people who travel with Tierra Natural who join the tours as part of a personal search or journey that they feel ready to follow.

For this reason, tours booked through Tierra Natural are very much about a change of consciousness on many levels: personally, ecologically, socially and spiritually. Travel with Tierra Natural is not just a holiday. It is the chance to connect with yourself, with others and with the natural world around you in order to generate and promote a general consciousness of everything and everyone that we come into contact with in this world.

What successes has Tierra Natural enjoyed?

Since renovating itself as an eco-conscious travel agency in 2011, Tierra Natural has experienced and celebrated many successes. However, both Pua and Salvi note that the most valuable success to date is the effect that their tours have on the people who travel with them.

Tourists on programs organized by Tierra Natural go through transforming experiences. They become more opening to what is happening around them, they reconnect with the simple things in life (and enjoy the warm feeling that this reconnection gives to them), the take advantage of the nature around them and find that they have encountered a way of maintaining a better quality of life when they get to the end of their tour.

Future Plans for Tierra Natural

Pua and Salvi know that the most important thing to keep focusing on in the near and distant future is the development of more programs to interesting places in Argentina that are very rarely visited by the regular tourist track.

By developing programs for the traveler that are “off the beaten track,” Tierra Natural can continue to provide opportunities for a reconnection with oneself and with nature. The “off the beaten track” programs also mean that Tierra Natural can raise awareness about the environment and work closely with the local communities via volunteer programs.

The development of programs such as these is essential to the principles behind Tierra Natural and what it wishes to stand for in the Argentine tourist industry today.

Tierra Natural is also working on a recycling project, which will launch itself into full force on the 21st of April 2012. The idea behind this specific project is to highlight the incredible value of recycling on top of providing opportunities for tourists to visit rural villages in the surrounding areas of the Buenos Aires Provinces.

Tierra Natural believes that the principles of recycling are something that the entire world should be taking responsibility for as a collective. In its own way, it is using eco-conscious travel as a way of contributing to the development of a conscious care of our natural world.

Which tour is the most popular?

Even though all of the tours and programs offered by Tierra Natural are worth experiencing, the Eco-Yoga tour to a Buddhist retreat in Traslasierra, Córdoba, becomes more and more popular by the day. During the recent holidays for Easter time, there were many people who couldn’t get a place on the program because of the intense interest in the same.

Pua and Salvi believe that the success of this particular program lies in the “perfect combination of the connection to nature, the care given to the body, the healthy and delicious food, the mountain treks and the endless amount of spirit and love” which is shared and experienced by all.

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