VOS: Language School, Cultural Community or Home from Home in Buenos Aires?

By Tracey Chandler

Find out why VOS Club Cultural is the best place for you to study Spanish and integrate yourself into Argentine society when in Buenos Aires. VOS Club Cultural is special. It’s a “boutique” language community, which offers more than the mainstream, standard language school, and this short post helps to explain how and why…

Are you thinking about coming to Buenos Aires to study Spanish (or what the Argentines refer to as Castellano)? If so, there is no better place to study than VOS Club Cultural in the heart of the city of the borders of the Microcentro.


Because VOS is much more than just a simple Spanish language school. VOS Escuela is the Superman of language study. Is it a language school, is it a place to learn about Argentine culture and community or is it the study abroad student’s home from home?

The answer?… It´s none of the above. It´s VOS. The Superman of language institutes and what it´s director, Magdalena Cambiasso, likes to refer to as “The Language School Boutique.”

But what does all this mean? What exactly does the Boutique Language School offer the Spanish student that the ordinary language school or cultural centre doesn’t? What makes VOS one of a kind? Keep reading to find out…


There are lots of language schools in Buenos Aires, but they don’t offer programs like VOS does. For example:

1. Mothers who come to Buenos Aires with husbands who have jobs in the city can feel really excluded from society if they don’t speak Spanish and if they don’t have somewhere to meet people and make friends. VOS provides classes for foreign mothers and it has the resources to organize meetings to bring these women together in a supportive community framework.

2. VOS prepares advanced Spanish students the opportunity to study towards the CELU and DELE exams to be able to teach Spanish with a formal qualification under their belts. A long term stay in Buenos Aires can end in great personal and professional success when studying at VOS.

3. Regular Spanish courses for anyone wanting to learn at any level are offered on a bespoke level. You can come to study for three days, one week, one month, a whole year. You can study privately, in small groups, you can take intensive courses or take things a little more in your stride. The point here is that the “boutique” nature of VOS means that students are not just another cow on the farm. The personal touch and personal tailoring is VOS specialty.

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For only US$40, anyone who is living or staying in Buenos Aires can join up to the VOS Community for LIFE!

This means that the weekly, FREE, cultural and social activities that VOS organizes can be enjoyed by anyone for the lifetime price of US$40, which is an amazing deal.

Weekly activities include tango, yoga, trips to museums, opportunities to try traditional Argentine food and talks on Argentine culture or politics. This list is by no means extensive. The community activities offered by VOS develop all the time as the demands and interests of the members develop.

The most important thing to remember is that the physical activities are great ways of improving your Spanish and the community atmosphere is highly inviting to Argentines and other native Spanish speakers who live in Buenos Aires. This means that there is an exchange of cultures and experiences that not only benefits foreigners, but which benefits the Buenos Aires Community too.


One of the aspects of VOS that Magdalena Cambiasso is most proud of is the supportive network that is naturally generated all the time with all the students that pass through the school´s doors.

No matter how young or old, where the students are from, or what their language needs are, VOS is more like a home than it is a language school.

Indeed, when I visited the school personally, many of the present students were “hanging out” together in the lounge area of the school’s beautiful building, laughing, joking and sharing everything and anything related to their different experiences.

Once a simple language school, run by two personnel, sharing all management and teaching responsibilities between them, VOS is now a buzzing “house” of staff, students and interested third parties.

If studying Spanish in Buenos Aires, it’s good to know that you’re not going to be on your own at nights or on the weekend. It’s good to know that there will be support networks and fun to be shared outside of the classroom whenever you want to find them.


Is VOS interested in being just another money-making language institute in Buenos Aires. No way! Not by a long shot.

VOS is the “boutique” of language learning. The personal touch is what counts. As long as this motto remains at the forefront of the thinking and development behind the organization, the future of all VOS Community Members will be dazzling and unique.

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