Volunteer for a Day at The Nature Reserve in Pilar

By Tracey Chandler

Experience environment-conscious travel and volunteer for the day at The Nature Reserve in Pilar, Buenos Aires, by contacting the specialist conscious-travel organization, Tierra Natural Viajes, for more information.If you are travelling to Argentina and you want to get involved with some volunteer work on environmental projects during your stay, Tierra Natural Viajes is one of the companies that Connecting Worlds works with which can set you up with the perfect one day solution at the Nature Reserve in Pilar, located in the northern suburbs of Buenos Aires.

What is Tierra Natural Viajes?

Tierra Natural Viajes is a different kind of travel organization. Managed by Rossana Pua and Julieta Salvi, Tierra Natural Viajes organizes travel experiences across the whole of Argentina which revolve around the following important characteristics:

1. They help travelers connect with the communities that they visit
2. They make travelers aware of the environmental issues that plague those areas
3. They promote healthy lifestyles and focus on developing inner spirituality via travel

Travel opportunities and volunteer programs, organized by Tierra Natural Viajes, focus on giving back to the community, educating all those present about environmental issues and how  support can be generated to improve these issues.

This means that there are lots of opportunities to volunteer on projects that are available across the whole of Argentina and lots of excursions to enjoy that offer more than a simple visit to somewhere you have never been before.

What are the problems that the park rangers at the Nature Reserve in Pilar deal with on a daily basis?

One of the excursions organized by Rossana and Julieta from Tierra Natural Viajes is a one day horse-riding experience to the Nature Reserve in Pilar.

As well as the horse-riding element of the excursion, all visitors to the Pilar community are invited to find out more about the environmental issues that the park rangers face on a daily basis and everything that they are doing to improve the current situation.

The Luján River which passes through the reserve is terribly polluted by the surrounding factories which dump their waste into the river without having to face due consequences. The river is so badly contaminated that this is actually forbidden to bathe in these natural waters for fear of the disastrous effects that it might have on your health.

In addition, there is an almost uncontrollable outbreak of exotic trees and other plants in the reserve that are contaminating the soil and preventing other indigenous species from growing. These plants are so incompatible with the area that they have forced natural wildlife, particularly birds, out of the area and the park rangers are doing all that they can to reverse the damage.

How can you become involved as a volunteer to help support the work of the park rangers in Pilar?

Those people who are interested in volunteering on the program at the Nature Reserve in Pilar can get into contact with either Rossana or Julieta from Tierra Natural Viajes via the team at Connecting Worlds at any time.

The park rangers are always looking for people to help them eradicate the exotic plants that are destroying the growth of the flora and fauna in the region and plant young, native trees as regularly as possible to help rebuild the natural beauty and wildlife of the region as soon as possible.

There are already one day volunteer programs available that anyone can become a part of, but with the combined help of the environment-conscious travel team at Tierra Natural Viajes and the volunteer program organizers at Connecting Wolrds, volunteer experiences for longer periods of time on the reserve might also be available.

What other environment-conscious travel experiences can you participate in via Tierra Natural Viajes?

The idea behind Tierra Natural Viajes, and the kind of travel experiences that Rosanna and Julieta provide, resides not only in environment-conscious travel, but also in travel experiences that aim to give something back to the communities that they visit. They develop other kinds of experiences that help each individual to reconnect with their inner spirituality too.

For example, interested travelers can choose to visit the beautiful sites of La Traslasierra in Córdoba as part of a four day program at a Buda Retreat.

Other opportunities include one day tours in the surrounding suburbs of Buenos Aires on bicycles that Rossana and Julieta have taken the time to personally recycle and refashion from abandoned scrap that has been collected over time.

One of the really lovely elements of the tours on recycled bicycles with Tierra Natural Viajes is that each bicycle has its own personal story to tell and both Julieta and Rossana are able to recount those stories to their travel companions during the tours. It is the personalized style of the travel experiences offered by Tierra Natural Viajes that really sets this happy pair of Argentine travel experts apart from the larger travel agencies that offer run-of-the-mill tours to the typical destinations across the country.

If you are interested in the conscious travel experiences and volunteer programs offered by Tierra Natural Viajes, contact the team at Connecting Worlds and we will see what we can arrange for you with Tierra Natural Viajes on your behalf.

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