Rosario, Argentina: The Perfect Place to Learn Spanish

By Tracey Chandler

Learn more about the Spanish Study Programs in Rosario that Connecting Worlds is now able to organize for you and find out why Rosario is one of the most popular places for Spanish study in Argentina.Connecting Worlds is excited to announce that it is now working alongside yet another Spanish school which offers Spanish placement programs in Rosario, Argentina, a beautiful city located just a few hours outside of Buenos Aires. It is the perfect place for anyone wishing to learn Spanish abroad for many reasons and the Spanish program on offer is of the very best quality.

Why choose to study Spanish in Rosario, Argentina?

There are many places in the world to study Spanish amongst native speakers, so why choose Rosario?

In the last few years, Rosario has become even more interesting to tourists than ever. The city is full of new bars, restaurants, theatres, art exhibitions, markets and sporting events. It is a vibrant and active place, which welcomes its visitors with open arms.

The Paraná River which passes through the city is also one of the main reasons why so many people choose to visit. Lots of the bars and restaurants are beautifully positioned along the riverside and there are daily boat trips that the visitor can enjoy up and down the river.

Rosario is also home to a number of different beaches, including La Florida and La Rambla Cataluña, which is why lots of people choose to spend their long weekends in Rosario, particularly during the summer months. It is a wonderful city in which to take long walks, run, have fun on roller-skates, ride bikes and lay in the sunshine to get some proper relaxation time.

Rosario is also one of the most popular cities in Argentina for university study. It is home to a great number of universities and therefore the city is throbbing with young people and student life activities. It is very easy to access other cities from Rosario, which is another reason why many foreign Spanish students are choosing to study there.

Why choose to study on a Spanish course organized by Fundación Convivencia?

Connecting Worlds has years of experience in organizing Spanish study programs abroad and we are able to offer a number of courses to foreign Spanish students across a number of destinations in Argentina. The Spanish courses in Rosario, organized by Fundación Convivencia, are some of the latest on the list and they are excellent choices for the following reasons…

1. The course is delivered in a very practical and simple style, with the needs of each individual and group in mind.
2. The courses offered are all quite short in length.
3. The people who study on the course come from many different countries all over the world, which means that there are lots of opportunities for cultural sharing every single day.
4. The courses include guided visits to museums, night outs to bars and restaurants and weekends away to neighboring towns.
5. Tango lessons can be organized to run alongside the Spanish lessons.
6. Rosario Spanish has been offering Spanish courses for the past seven years.

What are the different courses offered by Fundación Convivencia?

As with most Spanish schools in Argentina that are recommended by Connecting Worlds, the courses offered at Rosario Spanish are varied in terms of focus, length and content. Take a look at the variety on offer and think about which kind of Spanish study course in Rosario would be the best one for you and your particular needs…

1. General and Intensive Spanish Course
This course is taught in a group and requires 20 hours of classroom study per week

2. Semi-Intensive Spanish Course
This course is taught is a group and requires 15 hours of classroom study per week.

3. Intensive Spanish Course and Sports Practice
This is an interesting course which is taught in a group and requires 20 hours of classroom study per week. In addition to the Spanish lessons, you will be able to experience 4 hours of sports practice too.

4. Intensive Spanish and Tango Course
In true Argentine style, the student who signs up to this course will benefit from 20 hours of Spanish lessons every week and 4 hours of tango tuition too. This course is offered as a group class program.

5. Business Spanish Course
When you sign up for this course, you will receive 20 hours every week in Spa. nish tuition deliberately designed for those people who need to communicate in Spanish for business purposes. The course is offered as a group class program.

6. Individual Intensive Spanish Course
If you wish to study Spanish on a one to one basis, you can sign up for 10 hours of Spanish every week on this intensive Spanish program for individuals at any time.

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