5 Reasons to Take Your Gap Year in Argentina

By Tracey Chandler

There are many reasons why a gap year in Argentina beats any other destination worldwide, but the top five have been highlighted for you here in today’s post.Argentina is one of the best destinations in the world for those people looking to take a gap year and this doesn’t apply just to students making the transition between college and university. Anyone can take a gap year.

You might be searching for a way to launch yourself into a new career path, you might simply need a break from the daily, work routine, or you might be thinking about living abroad for a while, in which case testing the water by taking a year out of your normal life is the perfect way to make that decision to go or not once and for all.

Europe might seem romantic, the US might seem like a good move for your curriculum, Africa might appeal because of the wildlife and the strong difference in culture, but Argentina and the rest of Latin America has a particular magic and wonder that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Thousands of people choose Argentina as their preferred destination for taking time out every year and here’s why…

1. Awesome Travel Possibilities

It’s true that Buenos Aires might not be as cheap as it used to be a few years ago, but Latin America in general is the one of the best places to choose if you need to do your gap year on a tight budget.

Choosing Buenos Aires as the point of entry on your gap year means that you can access Brazil, Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay either via one plane ride or one bus ride every single day. There are few places in Latin America that offers the gap year traveler such choice and such opportunity.

Visit the colorful canyons in Cafayate, bask in the huge waterfalls of Iguazú, enjoy a week’s skiing in Bariloche, dine on fine wines from Mendoza, or visit the whales in the very southern tip of the country.

Once you’ve conquered Argentina, take advantage of your perfect location and cross the north-western border to enjoy the beautiful salt lakes of Bolivia, ride the ferry to Colonia in Uruguay, or take a quick three hour flight to Rio de Janeiro and live the highlife sipping caipirinhas on the beach day and night.

Argentina can give you everything you ever wanted from travel on your gap year, which is why it remains one of the popular destinations worldwide to date.

2. Tango Culture

Do you love to dance? Do high emotions fill you with intrigue and desire? If so, tango culture is just what you need on your gap year. You can take tango classes in Buenos Aires (beginners, intermediate, advanced) almost at every turn. You can also take advantage of the many different tango shows on offer in the city every single night and get your dose of tango culture without having to strut your stuff on the dance floor yourself.

Let’s not forget the importance of tango lyrics and the history of determination and lower class struggle that the music reminds us of too. There’s nothing more passionate than the tango. Get on a plane and find out what it’s all about firsthand.

3. Surfing Courses

Did you know that Mar Del Plata, one of the most popular seaside resorts in Argentina, is also home to a number of surfing schools and a fanatic surfing culture? Probably not, because it isn’t something that is published very much and certainly not the kind of thing that Argentina is best known for worldwide.

Having said that, surfing in Mar Del Plata does exist and there are plenty of opportunities to incorporate a little water sports activity into your gap year plan upon arrival to Argentine shores. Click to find out more about the Surfing Programs in Mar Del Plata and remember that Connecting Worlds is able to help you organize a range of activities for your gap year in Argentina at any time, including surfing courses along the Argentine coast.

4. Learn Spanish (Castellano), The Argentine Way

Spanish is one of the most spoken languages across the world. Learning and perfecting your Spanish is an excellent idea for many reasons, including the fact that it looks good on your CV, but one of the great things about learning Spanish in Argentina is getting to grips with the Lunfardo.

Originally developed amongst the lower social classes so that those with power and money wouldn’t be able to understand, allowing them to communicate with each other in a kind of Spanish code, Lunfardo has remained a very important part of the Argentine Spanish vernacular and it makes Spanish learning a very rich experience.

Words like “fiaca,” “chamullar,” “che” and “piola,” all come from the Argentine Lunfardo and they are words and expressions that aren’t used in other parts of the Spanish speaking world. Choose a Spanish learning experiencethat has a little more “onda,” as the Argentines would say (“onda” a Lunfardo expression which means “vibe” more or less) and make Argentina your choice destination for a gap year you’ll never forget.

5. Volunteer Opportunities Galore

Opportunities to volunteer during your gap year have no bounds. The programs on offer and the positions available continue to develop every single day. There are gap year travelers who choose to volunteer with NGOs on various projects, contribute to social network marketing for companies based in Buenos Aires, work on ranches across the huge country landscapes that Argentina proudly boasts of and more.

The list is endless… teaching, administration, physical labor, marketing strategies, journalism, tourism, childcare and sales.

Argentina is already a popular travel destination, but the people who live and work here do everything possible to encourage people to select it for their gap year experience too, which is why there is so much on offer and why it is fast becoming one of the best places in the world for gap year projects and gap year opportunities.

Make your decision today. Make Argentina the location of your gap year dreams!

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