Art Internships and Artists Residencies Abroad: Come to Argentina!

By Tracey Chandler

Find out why Buenos Aires, Argentina, is one of the best places for an art internship or artist residency abroad.

Argentina is all about beef, wine, ranches and vineyards, right?


Well, yes, if you visit Argentina, you can expect to dine well on steak and wine, be dazzled by the beauty of huge vineyards in places like Mendoza and you can expect to find lots of opportunities to work for food and board on large or small, family-run ranches all across the country. But this is not everything that Argentina has to offer.

Buenos Aires is the place for artists and art students:

Buenos Aires is one of the most artistically-vibrant capital cities in the world. It is bulging at the seams with cultural events, new arts spaces, innovative ideas and tireless creative minds. You can become involved in painting, drawing, sculpture, printing, scenography and more. Artists are always looking for new projects and galleries are always looking for artistic assistants.

Buenos Aires is the perfect place to get really stuck into an art internship or artist residency abroad and the team at Connecting Worlds has recently managed to make this dream come true for one particular art student from Colombia, who starts her art internship with Solange Guez (an art gallery in Belgrano, Buenos Aires) in August 2012.

What is Solange Guez?

Solange Guez is a beautiful art gallery, with attached design studio and artist’s workshop, located in Belgrano, Buenos Aires (an area of Buenos Aires that is celebrated for the beauty and grandeur of its architecture).

The building itself in which Solange Guez is housed is very striking. It is an old building and many of the original features inside have been maintained and even delicately restored in some places, which only adds to its natural charm and makes it the perfect setting for the continual display of artwork that passes through its doors.

Renowned artist, curator and owner of the gallery, Solange Guez, has exhibited her work across Argentina and worldwide for many years. Any international artist or art student wanting to get a real taste for what it means to be a part of the artistic world in Buenos Aires and Argentina will find that it doesn’t get much better than working directly with Guez and for the Solange Guez Gallery.

Connecting Worlds is very pleased to announce that it has just signed an exclusive contract with Solange Guez which means that only art interns and artists in residence that go through our company will have the chance of working alongside this gallery on an international exchange program.

Art internships and artist residencies with Solange Guez in Buenos Aires via Connecting Worlds

As mentioned briefly above, any international artist or art student interested in completing an internship or residency in Buenos Aires will have the opportunity to do so at Solange Guez, with the help and assistance of the international exchange team at Connecting Worlds.

Our first Colombian exchange student begins her art internship with the gallery this month (August 2012) and we know that there will be many more to follow her.

You might be an artist interested in exhibiting your work in Buenos Aires and across Argentina. You might be an art student, interested in working on art residency projects or learning how to curate a busy art gallery which promotes and supports artists on both a national and international level. You might be a life-long lover of art and a travel fanatic who simply has the urge to travel whilst putting your creative side to good use at the same time.

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