How to Be a Responsible Tourist in Buenos Aires

By Tracey Chandler

Follow some of our important tips for being a responsible tourist in Buenos Aires by giving something back to the city and looking after the places you visit during your stay.


Part of living in a civilized world is remembering how important it is to be responsible, to take care of our planet and to help educate those around us about caring of the environment too. When visiting Buenos Aires, it is our hope that all tourists are responsible tourists and that they make an effort to take care of the places that they visit.

Giving something back to Buenos Aires during your stay, and taking care of the various environments that you come into contact with, just might prove to be the most satisfying elements of your visit which produce the fondest memories that you carry with you throughout the rest of your life.

How can you be a Responsible Tourist in Buenos Aires?

There are large and small ways for you to be a responsible tourist in Buenos Aires. Both large and small actions are important and worthwhile.

1. Travel Around Buenos Aires with Ecologically-Conscious Travel Agencies

One of the best eco-conscious travel agencies in Argentina is Tierra Natural Viajes. This company can arrange for you to visit popular tourist areas in Buenos Aires, including Tigre and The Nature Reserve in Pilar, whilst ensuring that the environment is protected.

There are lots of travel companies in Buenos Aires to choose from, but Tierra Natural Viajes is an agency that you can rely on as a tourist to show you how to be a responsible traveler, introduce to environmental issues that Buenos Aires is facing at present and provide opportunities for you to get involved in repairing environmental damage at will (see below in section 4 for more information).

In addition to the focus on environmentally-friendly travel, getting to know Buenos Aires with the help of Tierra Natural Viajes is a way of ensuring that your precious travel money reaches the community. All trips that are organized by this company rely directly on the services of local businesses and farms in the areas you visit. Your travel money helps to sustain the local economy too.

2. Bring Basic Standards with you on the Airplane

Responsible Tourism in Buenos Aires doesn’t have to be a big deal. Most first world countries are encouraged to follow strict codes about dropping litter in the streets or wasting the planet’s resources by using too many plastic bags when shopping.

Bring your basic understanding about responsible environmental action with you when visiting Buenos Aires and lead by example. Don’t throw litter, even if it seems that many of the native public is doing so (this is one instance when following the cultural rules and respecting the codes of a city just do not apply).

All supermarkets in Buenos Aires seem to think that putting one or two items into a plastic bag is enough before opening up another. They also seem to believe that double up your plastic bags is important.

“They will break and your shopping will drop out,” is the basic response about doubling up plastic bags and this is just not true at all. The bags are not great quality, but they don’t break under normal pressure. Don’t use plastic bags unnecessarily and help train others about plastic bag waste during your vacation if you can.

3. Seek Out Independent Local Businesses in which to Invest your Travel Budget

If you are going to study Spanish, choose an independent Spanish school and not a huge corporation that already has lots of money to spare. With the direct help of the team at Connecting Worlds, you can find excellent tuition in small, local Spanish schools and enjoy the experience just as much as you would elsewhere.

In the same way, seek out local, independently owned bakeries and grocery stores when you want to buy your vegetables. Don’t go to the supermarkets or to the international bakery stores, like Hausbrout.

Avoid Starbucks and treat yourself to a higher quality cafe (which costs less too!) in any one of the local coffee shops all over the city which have been around for years and which deserve your travel money more than the large monopolies do. This kind of responsible tourism might seem like a small deal, but it’s really important to the future of many local businesses. Don’t underestimate the importance of your tourism to them.

4. Participate in Community or Volunteer Projects / Days

As mentioned above in section 1, Tierra Natural Viajes is a travel company in favor of ecologically-friendly trips which provide lots of opportunities for the visitors to get involved and give something back to the places that they visit.

When visiting The Nature Reserve in Pilar, for example, visitors are educated about the various problems being tackled by the nature team working on the reserve and opportunities for planting new trees abound.

When visiting Córdoba, the responsible tourist can contribute to the planting of more organic produce as well as being invited to join in with the daily yoga activities as a way of getting back into with the self and the natural surroundings.

5. See the City on a Bike Tour

Stay transport conscious and book yourself onto a city tour by bicycle in Buenos Aires. The opportunity to see the city by bus does exist, but the responsible tourist is the one who gets his or her legs moving to the double to see the best that the city has to offer on two wheels, not four.

There has been a heavy push on bicycle travel in Buenos Aires over the past few years and more and more cycle lanes appear on its busy streets by the day, which proves that Buenos Aires continues to move in the right direction when it comes to responsible living.

If Buenos Aires is making a growing effort to think about and promote responsible living amongst the natives, visitors should be doing all they can to support the cause by being responsible tourists too.

Buenos Aires is the new shade of green!

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