Laura Acosta talks about her Art Internship with Solange Guez Arte Contemporáneo in Buenos Aires

By Tracey Chandler

Laura Acosta is one of Connecting Worlds’ most recent interns. After having gone through the application process and completed all preparations alongside the team at Connecting Worlds, Laura gives us an insight into what it is like interning at Solange (an art gallery in Buenos Aires) and why she chose to seek out the support available from Connecting Worlds with respect to her placement.

There is a wide range internship opportunities available in Argentina and Connecting Worlds is able to generate connections across a huge area of interests for prospective interns at any time. If Laura’s experience at Solange interests you (or if you have ideas about a similar kind of internship in Argentina), contact the team at Connecting Worlds directly and we will look into all the possibilities available to you to take advantage of without delay.

1. Where are you from and what made you choose to intern in Argentina?

I am Colombian but have resided in Canada since I was 12 years old, so I guess I’m a Colombo-Canadian. I had always wanted to come to Argentina and I was here a year ago doing an artist residency in the city of La Plata. I fell in love with the artistic scene and wanted to return to continue to acquire experience in my field. Buenos Aires seemed like the perfect platform to do so.

2. How did you go about finding your internship abroad and what made you choose the internship at Solange via Connecting Worlds?

I kept trying to contact galleries on my own but unfortunately I received no response. I decided that I would look for agencies that facilitated this sort of thing and found Connecting Worlds which was not only very accommodating, but was also affordable and friendly. The application and search process led us to the Solange Guez Arte Contemporaneo gallery, which was immediately a perfect fit.

3. Can you tell us a little bit about Solange (the gallery) and what it does / what its focus is?

Solange Guez Arte Contemporaneo is a commercial art gallery in Buenos Aires which adamantly participates in both international and local art fairs, relentlessly exposing the work of the artists that it represents. A factor that makes it stand out from other commercial contemporary art galleries is that it has a program of sustainability compromise. It looks for (but is not limited to) artists that utilize ecologically-conscious ways in which to produce their art.

4. How much have you paid for your internship in Argentina and what is included in that cost?

The fee for working alongside Connecting Worlds was $385 but I only had to pay a small amount of that to put the application process in motion. Once I was happy with the results and what Connecting Worlds had organized for me, I then made a commitment to the program and paid the rest of this fee, which I found very comforting. In general, the Connecting Worlds fee is a lot cheaper than other similar programs.

In my case, accommodation is free because I am living with friends in the city of La Plata, 40 minutes away from the center of Buenos Aires and this is another fantastic element of the process. The Connecting Worlds Team works on a one-to-one basis and organizes something that each particular person wants from their experience. I didn’t need to pay for accommodation and therefore that service was not included in the program price. Connecting Worlds offers lots of flexibility and this is why I felt so comfortable looking to the team for help.

I arrived to Argentina from Canada with only US$1000. This is my budget for the entire four month internship program. Therefore, my monthly budget is US$250 (which works out to being around 1200 pesos every month) and so far it’s working out just fine. The most expensive element of my internship is having to travel into the center of Buenos Aires. My experience proves that it is possible to benefit from an internship experience abroad without having to pay out lots of money in return.

Making friends and networking is an important factor. As an artist, I am quite poor, ha ha! but in Buenos Aires there are countless opportunities for people to enjoy free music performances outdoors and other events of a similar nature. I am having a wonderful time and I am very glad that I found Connecting Worlds to help me organize an internship that is tailor-made to suit my needs.

5. What have you been doing so far during the first few weeks of your internship at Solange?

I have been immediately immersed in the work that the gallery is doing right now, which means that I am setting up exhibitions, managing the social network and marketing campaigns (Facebook, webpage, flyers etc) and helping out with the organization of artwork for an international fair. The Director of Solange Guez Arte Contemporaneo, Solange Rodriguez, has also put me in charge of the creation/co-curation of an up-and-coming exhibition, which is providing me with invaluable experience in the field.

6. What do you hope to be able to focus on throughout the remainder of your internship?

I would just like to continue to benefit from all the experiences that I have already benefitted from so far. I would like to continue to develop my understanding of the internal production of a successful gallery, network with artists and provide artistic input whenever possible.

7. How do you believe this internship will benefit you in the future?

I will gain a lot of experience in the professional world of art. However, I also believe I will make beneficial connections for the future too. As a keen fine artist, I am also furthering my professional career prospects through networking in this gallery. So far, the Director and I have established a very symbiotic work relationship. My experience is helping her a lot and so I hope that something will come of this relationship for me in the future.

8. Do you plan to travel around Argentina at some point during your internship?

I would really like to but the schedule at the gallery right now is pretty tight. I am at the gallery 2-3 days a week and have to keep up with all communications and developments during the days that I don’t attend as well. My plan was to come to Argentina to be fully immersed in the fine art scene and in the specific work of the gallery, so I am more than happy to devote the entire four month period to completing my internship and little else. If I do get the chance to travel, I would really like to go south during the warmer months.

9. In addition to the experience at Solange, is there anything else about interning in Argentina that you are particularly enjoying at present?

Buenos Aires is an amazing city for people interested and involved in the arts scene, (anyone from buskers to professionals). Creativity seems to breed everywhere and it is very inspiring.

10. What advice would you give to someone wanting to intern in Argentina? How might he or she prepare?

I think Argentina is a very welcoming country for international visitors. This is why I think the most important thing for people who choose to intern in Argentina is to just find the exact spot where they believe they can develop and grow professionally from the experience.

11. Is there anything else about the experience that you would like to share with us?

So far this opportunity has given me so much more than I expected. As I mentioned before, I am an artist and the Director has offered to represent me in her gallery at some point as well, which means that not only I am acting as an intern, assistant and co-curator at Solange, but I am also going to be offered the opportunity to be a resident artist in the space too. This is all very exciting for me at this stage in my young career.

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