What is included in the cost of the programs at Connecting Worlds?

Find out where all your money goes when you sign up for an internship, work program or volunteer project at Connecting Worlds. 

When signing up on a program organized by Connecting Worlds, what exactly does your money pay for and where does your money go? In a world where we need to be careful about coming into contact with unscrupulous companies and organizations, Connecting Worlds takes the opportunity today to make the costs of our programs crystal clear.

If you still have questions related to costs and finances after reading this post, do contact us without further delay. We will be more than happy to clear up any doubts or concerns you might have. We would also like to say that Connecting Worlds is working on some large updates to the website and therefore we kindly remind you all to be attentive to any new information that we upload over the coming months. 

What is important to us at Connecting Worlds?

The most important concern for us at Connecting Worlds is that we are able to offer the best possible internship, work experience and volunteer projects in Argentina and that our programs cater to a wide range of tastes and budgets. We organize our programs to ensure that cost is not a factor which prevents an interested party from signing up. 

The cost of our programs act as an investment for all those who sign up. Participation in our programs allows every volunteer or intern the opportunity to strengthen his or her CV, better his or her chances in the world of work, improve his or her Spanish and generate a wide range of contacts that may prove to be very useful in the future when they return to their native countries.

What kinds of programs/packages are available at Connecting Worlds? 

Two of our most popular packages are what we refer to as “Silver” and “Gold”. The silver package is perfect for those people who are already in Argentina and who already know the country or the city in which they live very well. 

These people look to Connecting Worlds for the chance to intern, work or volunteer without having to pay for a number of things that they simply do not need. For example, if you are already in Argentina and if you already know the city very well, it is unlikely that you will need help with accommodation, a cell phone, or a welcome orientation pack, that some of our other packages include.

For this reason, the silver package includes:

1. a translation of your CV 
2. specialized help in the search of the perfect program
3. discounts in SPAs, on travel and on dental treatments, etc.

It is a popular package with people who have a small budget to work with, but who desire experience in a particular field to help them further his or her future prospects. Costs for the silver package begin at USD 325.

The gold package is for someone who is arriving from another country and who has no knowledge of Argentina at all. On top of the personalized search for the perfect project for this person, Connecting Worlds will also provide: 

1. an orientation talk upon arrival 
2. a welcome pack which includes a SIM card for a cell phone
3. maps
4. tourist leaflets
5. transport guides
6. a selection of traditional Argentine food to taste
7. a useful ecologically-made bag
8. the option for a transfer from the airport upon arrival
9. a city tour of Buenos Aires (or the city in which you are going to be staying)
10. a list of activities that you can participate in which are organized by one of our partners, The VOS Escuela Club Cultural, which runs classes in Tango, Salsa, Yoga, Spanish Cinema, Food Nights and Cultural Tours.

The gold package offer prices start from USD 740 and they vary depending on the destination in Argentina that you choose.

One of the newest programs that we have to offer is something that we are developing with a British agency which allows English teachers, or native English speakers with a willingness to teach, the opportunity to teach English in private schools and institutes in different locations all across Argentina. When signing up for this program, the participating teachers will receive the following:

1. accommodation with an Argentine family that the English school will help to organize 
2. travel costs from Buenos Aires to the chosen teaching destination
3. a small stipend to cover basic costs throughout the teaching placement

The only prerequisite for this program is that the teachers commit to between four to eight months of teaching.

How flexible are the programs/packages on offer?

Connecting Worlds can be incredibly flexible. If you would rather organize your own accommodation and pay less, we are able to offer you our silver package. If you need help finding something for just two months, we will be able to help. At Connecting Worlds we work with people on a one-to-one basis and this is why many people choose to go through our organization when arranging working holidays and volunteer stays instead of going it completely on their own. 

Where does my money go? 

Unfortunately, it is true that there are a number of fake organizations waiting to entice foreigners onto their programs and charge them an obscene amount of money for the privilege. Connecting Worlds is a business, of course, and we have our own costs and time to cover, but we ensure that there is 100% transparency about where your money goes at all times and we welcome your questions on this matter. 

In general, the money that you pay to Connecting Worlds pays for the following:

The Organization and Care that the Staff at Connecting Worlds provides 
The organization and care that Connecting Worlds offers on your behalf before, during and after your experience. We do all the searching for your ideal internship or volunteer project, we do all the organization and preparation for the same, we take care of your needs and make changes to your stay if you are not happy with anything. In short, we take care of all the headaches of an overseas program and leave you to simply arrive and enjoy the experience. We are available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, via a direct telephone number to one of our staff’s cell phones. We are experienced, highly dedicated and our staff work very hard. We value our services and, as a business, we charge what allows us to employ the very best people to take care of you.

20% Volunteer Project Promise 
20% of any program that you choose to follow as a volunteer will go directly to the volunteer organization itself. We are happy to provide any information necessary so that you are absolutely sure that this 20% is goes where we tell you it goes. We are also very happy to organize a volunteer project for you with the organization of your choice so that your money goes to a project that you believe in. Anything is possible at Connecting Worlds. Just ask us. 

Accommodation, Cell Phone, Transfers and Other Extras 
Your accommodation, your cell phone, your Connecting Worlds discount card giving you access to many discounts in the country during your stay, the translation of your CV, your city tour, your airport transfer, etc. These extra costs vary depending on the package you choose, the city in which you wish to stay, the type of project you wish to be involved in and whether or not you wish to organize your accommodation yourself, etc. Therefore, the final cost of a program through Connecting Worlds will always vary because each project is tailor-made.

Why organize my Spanish course through Connecting Worlds and not with a school directly? 

It’s true that anyone can organize their own Spanish course in Argentina, but when you go through Connecting Worlds you are not on your own. If something goes wrong and you are not happy with the course that you have paid for, Connecting Worlds can help you. If you sign up for a course on your own, any problems you might have will be down to you to sort out. 

What’s more, Connecting Worlds has developed lots of contacts with the Spanish schools in Argentina and it normally costs you less to study on a Spanish course with our help because Connecting Worlds receives discounts from these schools. 

Why pay Connecting Worlds when I can contact volunteer projects for free?

Similarly, anyone can contact a volunteer project in Argentina and organize their own experience abroad, but when you organize your volunteer project via Connecting Worlds you know that you have someone to turn to if something goes wrong. You also know that the volunteer projects you will be working on have been assessed by our experienced team. It is important to take care of yourself and not end up in a bad situation, in a foreign country, with nobody to help you. 

What’s more, there is a way of being able to participate on the volunteer programs that we offer for FREE. Please see below for more details.

What are the promotions that I can take advantage of at Connecting Worlds?

On a final note, there are two promotions that you can take advantage of at Connecting Worlds which can help with financing your overseas experience. 

The first is what we call “Friends”. Essentially, if you and a friend sign up for one of our programs at the same time, we offer a 10% discount on the final cost of the chosen programs for both parties.

The second promotion focuses on the volunteer programs. If you sign up for a Spanish course, a teaching program, one of the silver or gold packages, the volunteer programs that we organize can be added to your experience for FREE. The only thing we ask from you in this instance is that a small contribution is made, of which 100% goes to the volunteer association concerned. Again, we are more than happy to provide all the papers that you wish to see to show that your contribution went solely and directly to the volunteer project in question at any time.

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