Getting Away for the Weekend While Interning in Buenos Aires

By Tracey Chandler

Find the perfect weekend getaway in Argentina when interning, volunteering or studying Spanish in Buenos Aires and get out of the madness of the capital city for a few days.

Even if you are in Buenos Aires because you are studying Spanish, volunteering on a project of your choice, or gaining experience via a working holiday / focused internship, you will need a break at some point. Getting away from it all on a weekend break is just as important when in Argentina on a special project as it is when on your home turf and going about your daily routine in your own country.
So… where does one go for a weekend away in Argentina to get away from it all, particularly if you are based in Buenos Aires?

Here are three weekend getaway ideas that you can try to slot into your Buenos Aires’ study, volunteer or internship schedule to break things up a little and relax!


Pinamar is definitely one of the most sophisticated locations along the Argentine coastline and it is only 340 kilometers outside of the city of Buenos Aires, which means that it is really easy and quick to get to on short notice for the weekend.

The name, Pinamar, comes from the vast array of pine tree groves that dominate the region. The large forests, the beautiful sand hills and the deep, blue sea, make Pinamar an extremely attractive option for a weekend break in Argentina. It’s a very popular destination during the summer months when the sun is out and Argentines are looking to soak up some rays.

Pinamar is always bursting at the seams with young people, which means that it is a city that’s full of life, activities, culture and fun. However, despite its young and modern approach to culture, Pinamar’s architecture harks back to Argentina’s past; its streets lined with buildings and mansions of particular structural and aesthetic beauty.

It’s a great place to visit for water sport activity. There are opportunities to experience windsurfing, jet skiing, wakeboarding, motorboat rides and shark fishing. On the outskirts of the city, in the area known as La Frontera (the Frontier), there are many opportunities to ride horses, rent 4WD vehicles, enjoy a round of golf or spend the afternoon bird-watching. The nightlife won’t let you down either. If you are looking to eat out, drink cocktails or dance the night away with friends until the sun comes up, book a weekend getaway in Pinamar.


Tandil has a population of 130,000 and is 360km to the south west of Buenos Aires. Over 11,000 students attend the graduate and post graduate courses at the local university and the city is located in the valley of one of the oldest mountain ranges in the world.

The name, Tandil, means “The Stone with a Heartbeat in Mapuche” and the effects of the widespread migration from many European nations, including Italy, Spain, The French Basque Country and Denmark, can be seen in the architecture and in the city’s culinary delights…. particularly through its hams, cold cuts and cheese.  Make sure you leave lots of space in your weekend bag to bring a selection of hams and cheeses back to Buenos Aires with you. You will want to buy everything that you see.

A weekend getaway to Tandil is also not complete without a visit the Church of Santisimo Sacramento, which houses an interesting religious museum on the first floor for those people interested in the religious journey that Argentine society has experienced.

The surrounding countryside is beautiful and you only need to drive for a few minutes out of the city of Tandil to find yourself surrounded by nothing but trees and fields. A weekend getaway, full of long walks and picnics, would be more than enough to recharge your batteries before returning to the madness and speed of Buenos Aires city life.

Tigre Delta

One of the best things about visiting the Tigre Delta is that you don’t need to plan in advance or have a car because you can arrive within the hour via the standard train services that most people use to commute to work on every single day in Buenos Aires. The location is perfect and the riverboat community is a fascinating world to experience at any time of year.

Take the train from Retiro Train Station or take a taxi to Olivos Train Station (a little further down the line towards the north) and take the Tren de La Costa (coastline train), which passes through a series of stations, some of which have become antique stores to explore, and which will drop you off just an easy stroll away from where the river colectivos and other larger river launches will be parked and ready to take you on your Tigre Delta experience.

The Tigre Delta is a unique region, made up of a huge number of islands, vegetation and wildlife. The water may look dirty, but don’t worry. It is a river filled with silt and therefore not the color of the ocean, unfortunately, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t clean and that it doesn’t exude its own personal charm.

Many people actually live on the Tigre Delta and even more invest in the area by buying weekend or holiday homes. This means that there is a buzzing river community and culture with many boats which act as daily shopping expeditions for the river dwellers. You will see boat after boat carrying fresh produce and lots of other essential and non-essential items to the people living or holidaying in the riverside homes. Life on the Tigre Delta is fascinating to watch and for this reason alone well worth a weekend visit at some point.

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