Help Needed for Amor Esencial: an artistic non-profit with a difference in Mar del Plata, Argentina

By Tracey Chandler


Help Amor Esencial, an artistic non-profit innovation, to continue is fantastic renovation project in Mar del Plata and beyond.

Argentina is full of worthwhile projects, spirited non-profits and innovative organizations that do everything possible to make Argentina a fantastic place to visit and a happy place to liveAmor Esencial, an artistic non-profit based in Mar del Plata devotes its time and resources to the artistic renovation of public spaces and it needs your help.

What does Amor Esencial actually do and why?

Amor Esencial is a non-profit organization which is managed by a group of fine artists in Mar del Plata, Argentina. Essentially, Amor Esencial focuses on the renovation and restoration of a wide range of public spaces.

They work on anything from school, to bus stops, to prisons. They work to bring life, color and a sense of community pride to these places through their art work. The idea stems from wanting to make the people who live and visit Mar del Plata love the city and take care of it more.

A great deal of scientific study goes to prove that when people are placed within surroundings that have been taken care of and have been invested in, they are more likely to continue taking care of what they see and what they come into contact with. Therefore, the work undertaken by Amor Esencial helps to generate a community love and respect for the city of Mar del Plata and everything that is included within its borders.

What problems is Amor Esencial facing at present?

As with many non-profits, the problem that Amor Esencial is facing at present is a lack of funding. The municipality in Mar del Plata are, at present, unable to continue funding the project and this means that all the fantastic work Amor Esencial has achieved so far is at risk of being left by the way-side and going to waste.

Without the necessary financial backing, Amor Esencial will be unable to carry their project to other cities in Argentina too, which is one of the long-plans for this particular non-profit and it’s an idea that’s featured fairly high on the list of priorities too.

Who can help Amor Esencial and how?

There are various ways in which you can help Amor Esencial continue with its work and plenty of ways to become directly involved in the non-profit’s projects and community work. For example…

1. Help to fund the work of Amor Esencial

The best thing that you can do for Amor Esencial right now is to invest in the project and help to fund it. Amor Esencial is reaching out to local businesses that might be able to help fund individual artistic restoration projects in their particular neighborhoods. However, the possibility for larger corporations to invest at a whole-scale organizational level is, of course, very welcome.

2. Volunteer as an artist on the project

If you would like to work as a volunteer for Amor Esencial, the possibility exists. You might be a budding artist looking for international experience and ways in which to build up your portfolio with interesting projects.

You might be interested in volunteering to help out behind the scenes with administrative tasks or by helping to find the essential funding without which the organization might not be able to continue working. There are a wide range of opportunities available with Amor Esencial and Connecting Worlds is able to put you in direct contact and help find you the volunteering abroad experience that you desire at any time.

3. Help to take Amor Esencial to other cities in Argentina

Once things are financially back on track at Amor Esencial, one of the major plans is to extend the work of these interesting artists outside the realms of Mar del Plata and across all cities in Argentina. Amor Esencial would love to be able to turn their project into a national affair and the only way this can be done is with more hands on deck and more creative minds on the pulse.

If you are based in other parts of Argentina and you think you can help Amor Esencial in its future plans, whether this be through financial support, artistic contribution or administrative groundwork, contact us at Connecting Worlds and we will ensure that your ideas and queries reach the people that they need to reach to get things moving in the right direction fast.


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