Why Choose to Study Spanish at Intercultural in Mendoza, Argentina?

By Tracey Chandler

Why not save money by booking your Spanish Study course at Intercultural in Mendoza, Argentina, and organize the trip of lifetime to South America at the same time?

There are lots of reasons why studying Spanish at Intercultural, a Spanish school located in Mendoza, Argentina, is a good idea, but the top five reasons for doing so are as follows:
1. Wine and Skiing
Spanish Study does not just have to be about lessons, homework and an endless battle with difficult grammar concepts. Spanish Study can be combined with other cool activities and this is one of the main reasons why so many people choose to study Spanish abroad.

In Argentina, one of the top Spanish Study destinations is Mendoza. So what makes Mendoza so popular?

In short, wine and skiing.

If you love to glide down picturesque slopes (or you really want to learn), Mendoza is a prime location for a skiing holiday combined with an intensive or regular course in Spanish during the winter season. If you love wine and you want to know more about how wine is made, the vineyards in Mendoza have all the answers to share with you too.

2. Control over your study style
You can choose to study on an intensive Spanish course or take your time and study on the regular Spanish courses, spreading your language learning over a longer period of time.

Classes are also offered privately on in group situations with a maximum of six students per class. You can prepare for the DELE international exam if you wish to leave the course with a formal qualification or you can simply come to study for pleasure and find a way of being able to better communicate when visiting Spanish-speaking countries.

As well as combining your classes with ski programs and wine picking activities, you can also take advantage of the help and arrangements that can be made on your behalf in terms of accommodation throughout your stay. Homestays, shared apartments and private apartments offer the perfect solutions for all needs and interests, so there’s no extra work needed on your part in terms of organizing where you will be staying during your trip.

The extra free activities that are offered in the afternoons are also put in place in order to strengthen your language skills in fun and natural environments. At present, these activities include:

  • Monday: Linguistic Exchange
  • Tuesday: Phonetics class
  • Wednesday: Viewing movie in Spanish
  • Thursday: Conversation class
  • Friday: Class with songs in Spanish

3. Discounts through Connecting Worlds
One of the best things about booking a Spanish Study course through Connecting Worlds is the discount that you receive. Connecting Worlds can arrange for a 10% discount on the Spanish Study at Intercultural on your behalf, so make sure you contact us about your booking first.

4. Guaranteed Quality Teaching
Finding a Spanish Study course in Mendoza is not difficult. A simple Google Search will give you all you need to know, but you won’t have the added advantage of knowing whether or not what you are about to book is of high quality. Connecting Worlds can guarantee that the teaching offered at Intercultural in Mendoza is of the highest quality and perfectly regulated by the important teaching authorities.

All Argentine teachers who work at Intercultural are teachers educated to university level and Intercultural was also the very first school in Argentina to be accredited by the Instituto Cervantes. The quality of the program is unbeatable.

5. University Credits Available
Finally, should you be interested, the study that you undertake at Intercultural in Mendoza can be used to make up credits at your home university. Should you require any more information on the subject, Connecting Worlds would be more than happy to investigate for you further.

If Spanish Study is on your list this year, choose Intercultural in Mendoza, Argentina, and organize for yourself the travel experience of a lifetime to accompany you through your studies.

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