Can Vegetarians Survive in Buenos Aires?

By Tracey Chandler

Are there places for vegetarians to eat in Buenos Aires or is Argentina’s capital city nothing more than a huge rump steak in disguise as a capital city?Argentina might be best known as the land of the best steak on earth, but it’s not stuck in the dark ages. Vegetarians are gradually being catered for in this ferociously carnivorous destination and Buenos Aires, as the central stop on the Argentine tour, is one of the best locations in Argentine for vegetarians to pig out and put on a few holiday-food pounds.

So where are the best places to grab food on the go or sit down to a smacking good meal if you happen to be a merry vegetarian traveller in Buenos Aires? Connecting Worlds has done its research and brings you the very best in Buenos Aires vegetarian cuisine solutions…

Picnic in the Microcentro

In a rush, on the go, cannot sit down to eat and haven’t got that much cash to spend on street food. Picnic in the Microcentro offers the solution for the hungry vegetarian in Buenos Aires.

We’re definitely not promoting Picnic as the best place in Buenos Aires to get vegetarian food – not by a long shot – but it’s one of those “convenient” places you can always go to when hunger strikes and there’s nothing else available or nothing else around in your price range.

It serves everything from carrot cake to fruit juices and stir-fry dishes. It’s your typical food on-the-go option, but it’s one of a kind for vegetarians in the madness of the Microcentro.

Artesano in Barrio Norte

Artesano in Barrio Norte is a great vegetarian restaurant in Buenos Aires where you can sit down with friends on the weekend and have lunch or an afternoon snack. The prices are fairly standard, when comparing to other cafes and small restaurants in the area, the natural fruit juices are the perfect refreshment on a hot summer’s day and they sure know what they’re doing with their vegetables.

Some of the combinations (including the three-coloured root vegetable pie) are excellent if you’re not so hungry that you want a full meal, but you do need something fairly substantial to keep you going for another few hours on the busy streets of Buenos Aires.

Without a doubt the best thing about Artesano is its creativity. There’s always something new on the menu and the choice/combination of ingredients is invariably quite daring, which always seems to pay off.

Bio Restaurant in Palermo Viejo

This place is vegetarian heaven! Seriously top notch! Nothing beats Bio Restaurant in Palermo Viejo and it’s in the perfect location for those people who want to go out and dance the night away in Palermo after fully digesting a gorgeous meal in beautiful surroundings.

They are geniuses when it comes to natural fruit juices (why not give the beetroot and mandarin option a whirl!) and their salads are unbeatable in terms of flavor, ingredient combinations and color. Everything just looks so pretty when it’s served up.

Coconut rice, vegetable curries, quinoa risottos, pumpkin stews, the list is endless and the prices are doable. Naturally, a night out in Bio Restaurant might be a once a month treat for you, but it’s not so expensive that it’s beyond reach.

The service is impeccable and the added extras, like integral bread with a choice of dips and salsas to start, are extras that you hardly see anywhere in Buenos Aires. These decadent toppings are what make this restaurant even more appealing to the vegetarian community on a meat-free hunt in Argentina’s beefy capital.

Why not go along and write in to tell us what you think about this one? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

Organic Buenos Aires – the Best Website for Organic and Vegetarian Food / Info in Buenos Aires

If all else fails and you feel like you’re trying to find a needle in a haystack, turn to Organic Buenos Aires for a little help and advice.

Not only does this vegetarian and organic food guide give you the lowdown on all the best places to eat at and shop in Buenos Aires (both Capital Federal and the Buenos Aires Provincias), but it regularly publishes some fantastic articles about healthy eating and how to give your body what it needs too.

It is a one-stop-guide for those people who want to take care of their bodies and who understand that sometimes it’s a good idea to just have something other than juicy steak on your plate, vegetarian or not.

If you need more help as a vegetarian in Buenos Aires, do contact us directly as the city is constantly changing and we might have even more top tips to share with you that aren’t listed here in this post.

Happy carrot munching!

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