Visit Argentina: The Home of Polo!

By Tracey Chandler

Do you love sport? Have you always wanted to try polo? The best place in the world for your first polo experience ever is Cañuelas in Argentina, just 45 minutes outside of Buenos Aires.Argentina is perhaps most famous for three things: meat, tango and polo! There’s nothing more thrilling than learning how to play polo or watching a professional game of polo in one of the many sporting venues dedicated to the sport all over the country.

If you are in Argentina for a visit, for study or to work, don’t miss out on the polo opportunity of a lifetime with the help of the expert team at Connecting Worlds.

What is Polo?

Polo is a popular equestrian sport in Argentina. Each team is made up of four players. One player in the attacking position, one defending the goal area and the other two players moving as necessary between defense and midfield to assist the defence of the goal and the attacking strategy at the same time.

Players must control their horses with one hand and hit the ball, using a special polo stick, with the other. The skill comes from galloping at high speeds without crashing horses in the process. Each match consists of eight chukkas (periods), each lasting seven minutes long. After eight chukkas if the teams are tied, a 30-second tiebreaker is played. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins.

The Polo Tradition in Argentina

Polo might just be one of the oldest team sports ever recorded in the history of world sport. There are records which show that polo matches were played in Persia over 2500 years ago. Without a doubt, Argentina would have been influenced by the British love for the game when British explorers came to settle in Argentina.

British officers came into contact with the game for the first time in 1862 via a horsemanship exhibition in Manipur, India. The sport was introduced to England in 1869 and then taken to the United States seven years after that thanks to James Gordon Bennett, a lover of the game.

Sadly, the last polo match which made its way into the Olympics was in 1936. However, that hasn’t curtailed the Argentine interest in the sport. Since 1893, The Argentine Open Polo Championship has entertained the masses worldwide. The second most popular polo tournament, the Hurlingham Open, is also held in Argentina.

Don Manuel Estancia in Cañuelas – The Perfect Place for Polo

If you are interested in learning about polo, watching a polo match or even participating in a game of polo (whether you have had prior experience on horseback or not) the best place for the most complete experience is found at the Don Manuel Estancia in Cañuelas, located just 45 minutes outside of Buenos Aires.

The estancia organizes a whole host of fun polo days, there is a polo school for the more fanatic individuals who really want to excel at the sport and the surroundings / services are amazing. The outdoor swimming pool is one of the best places to be when in Argentina during the hot summer months and nothing beats a relaxing afternoon soak after a thrilling game of polo in the morning.

If you are a lover of ranches, it’s possible to combine your polo experience with a full, traditional ranch experience at Don Manuel Estancia too. There’s lots of programs, days and tours designed for you to get the very most out of your trip to this estancia which is why it comes so highly recommended.

Take Advantage of the Polo Day Tour via Connecting Worlds

As always, Connecting Worlds can help you find the polo experience of a lifetime. We have an arrangement with the Don Manuel Estancia in Cañuelas and for just USD150 you can experience an entire day of polo.

This includes:

  • the chance to learn about the sport
  • the opportunity to practice the sport, to learn the technique
  • the chance to play a real game with the help and guidance of professionals at all times
  • the opportunity to watch a live polo game, to see the professionals in action in a thrilling match,demonstrating superb skill
  • breakfast, snacks, a typical Argentine asado (barbeque), mate (a typical Argentine beverage) and more culinary delights along the way
  • the chance to relax by the estancia’s outdoor pool and take advantage of the estancia’s many other facilities
  • transfer to and from the estancia

For more information on how to sign up for the polo experience of a lifetime, make you sure contact us without delay. We are ready to help you in any way we can.

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