Welcome to Sintaxis: Buenos Aires’ first gluten-free restaurant

By Tracey Chandler

If you have a wheat allergy or you are allergic to gluten-based products, visit Sintaxis in Palermo, Buenos Aires, and take a good look at all the gluten-free dishes available to you during your stay.

Every day, the whole world over, more and more people develop an allergy to wheat and other gluten products. Allergic reactions to gluten-based foods can range from instant stomach upset, to a general feeling of being constantly bloated. The problem is becoming so widespread that many brands now market their own versions of gluten-free food for supermarkets to stock.

Wheat allergies in Argentina

But what happens in the world of wheat? The Argentine breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks (merienda) always seem to include some kind of wheat-based product or two: pasta, pizza, croissants, pastries, breads, biscuits and cakes. Along with meat and potatoes, Argentina is famous for the cultivation and harvesting of wheat. All this combined can make Buenos Aires a difficult place to live or visit for those people who suffer from wheat allergies.

The good news is that a lot of these difficulties are slowly being washed away with the introduction of a variety of wheat-free brands on supermarket shelves, wheat-free delis and independent traders available all over and, the first of its kind to open in the city, a gluten-free restaurant called Sintaxis, entirely devoted to the production and serving of gluten-free dishes.

The menu at Sintaxis

The idea behind Sintaxis is to offer those people with gluten/wheat allergies (medically referred to as “celiacs”) the opportunity to eat all the kind of dishes and foods that are normally unavailable to them by using alternative flours and products to wheat flour and gluten-based ingredients.

The menu is broad and mouth-watering. For example, as a mid morning or late afternoon snack you might want to order one of the following tasty numbers:

  • brioche-style bread croquettes made with peppers and covered with a variety of wonderfully-colorful toppings such as sweet and sour cucumbers, parmesan cheese and caramelized garlic mayonnaise
  • cream cheese or jam on artisanal toast

For lunch, why not try one of the following awesome sandwiches:

  • white sesame seed bread with marinated salmon strips, cream cheese, lettuce, sundried tomatoes and honey and mustard mayonnaise
  • nutty bread stuffed with grilled chicken strips, cream cheese with chives, rocket and sundried tomatoes
  • olive focaccia stick with fresh mozzarella cheese, sundried tomatoes, grilled aubergine, basil and olive oil

For dessert, make sure you leave plenty of room to be able to try some of the following sweet options:

  • carrot cake, chocolate chip cake or a mixed nut cake if almonds and cashew nuts are high up on your favorite foods list
  • squared portions of brownies, ricotta cake or lemon tart (remember… all created using alternatives to wheat flour and other gluten-based products normally used when producing these kinds of dishes)

Naturally, you don’t have to be allergic to wheat or gluten to enjoy a meal at Sintaxis, but it’s the perfect place to go in Buenos Aires if one of your friends or family happens to suffer from the allergy.

How to get there and other useful tips

Sintaxis can be found in Palermo, Nicaragua 4849, and is open Tuesday to Saturday from 10am until late and on Sundays from 10am to 8pm. It is closed on Mondays and reservations can be made via email: reservas@sintaxispalermo.com or telephone: 11-2071-2960.

Sintaxis also operates as a convenience store, as well as a restaurant, which means a lot of the products on the menu are available to buy and take away with you to enjoy in the comfort of your own home. Some of the most popular products available to buy include homemade pastas, tarts, brownies, alfajores (a popular Argentine sweet), breads and cake portions.

Sintaxis is sending out a big warm welcome to all celiacs living in or visiting Buenos Aires and we can only hope that the opening of this new restaurant will be the spark needed to encourage the development of further restaurants that are “celiac-friendly”!

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