An Electric Vibe in Plaza de Mayo, Buenos Aires, for the 25 de Mayo Celebrations

By Tracey Chandler

The celebrations in Plaza de Mayo, in remembrance of the Argentine Independence on the 25th May 1810, took the capital by storm!

The 25th May (25 de Mayo) is an important date in the Argentine calendar. In 1810, between the 18th and the 25th May, Buenos Aires was witness to the removal of the Spanish Viceroy Baltasar Hidalgo de Cisneros and the installation of the very first local Argentine government, the Primera Junta.

Every year, the Argentine independence is celebrated across the country on the 25th May. In Buenos Aires, Plaza de Mayo is one of the most active locations in the city and an excellent place to visit (normally during the evening) to join in with the independence day festivities. This year, the lineup of celebrations in the plaza was sizzling hot.

Argentina’s National Anthem, delivered by the very best!

At 2pm, celebrations got off to a pretty good start with an interesting renditions of the Argentine national anthem, realized by Chango Spasiuk, Gustavo Spatocco and La Bomba de Tiempo.

Chango Spasiuk, accordion player and composer, is well-known for his lifelong contributions to the musical genre in Argentina known as chamamé. Gustavo Spatocco worked for 22 years with the very famous Mercedes Sosa (look her up!) and is considered by many Argentines to be one of the very best pianists that Argentina has ever spawned. La Bomba de Tiempo is a very popular and well-known group of percussionists who regularly play on Monday evenings in the Centro Cultural Konex, close to the Once neighbourhood. The combination of all three was a monumental moment in Plaza de Mayo this year for the 25th of May independence celebrations.

Presidential speech

The 25 de Mayo celebrations would be nothing without a little political intervention and, as expected, President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner delivered her words of wisdom and inspiration to the Argentine masses, dressed in black (as still seems to be the required style of the widower up until now).

Placed against the awesome backdrop of the Casa Rosada, the Argentine president was able to use the moment to inspire with her thoughts on an Argentina full of unity, truth and justice. Whatever your political persuasion, whatever you feel about the Fernández de Kirchner government, credit must be given where it’s due and the Argentine president certainly knows how to deliver a powerful and convincing speech… she’s nothing, if not a constant source of interest for tourists interested in political matters in foreign countries without a doubt.

Café Tacvba stormed the stage from 8pm onwards

Things really started to rock in Plaza de Mayo when the Mexican band, Café Tacvba, hit the stage at 8pm. The Buenos Aires crowds gathered in the plaza were unable to keep their feet from moving to the happy Mexican beats led by the charismatic lead singer, Rubén Albarrán.

Café Tacvba was selected to bring the 25th of May celebrations to a close this year. Without any shade of doubt, this band managed to draw everything together and send the Buenos Aires congregation rocketing off into the Argentine skies with its infectious energy and undeniable funky style.

The only question left unanswered is whether or not the 25 de Mayo celebrations in 2014 will be able to top the lineup presented this year. Why not book a visit to Argentina for May next year and find out for yourself!

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