Experience the Fun, Beauty and Action of Esquel in Argentina

By Tracey Chandler

Travel, have fun, ski and evensign up for a working holiday in Esquel, Argentina, with the help of the expert team at Connecting Worlds.

Esquel is a small Argentine city, surrounded by the Patagonian mountain ranges and Andean forests, perfectly situated next to one of the most popular ski centers in the region. It is 2000km away from Buenos Aires and it’s possible to get there by bus from Retiro Train Station within 25 hours.

The summer is dry and bright, with clear skies and warm temperatures. In the winter months, the temperature can drop very low and the region tends to experience a fair amount of rain too. Whatever the season, Esquel has a beautiful charm, which is why it is constantly visited all year round.

The surrounding rivers, lakes and vegetation are considered to be so important in terms of natural diversity that they are under the protection of conservationists and botanical organisations in the region.

What to do when visiting Esquel

Esquel is popular thanks to the wide range of outdoor activities offered in the region and many people travel to Esquel just to spend a couple of weeks skiing down its snow-capped slopes.

However, there are a variety of different companies, including Expediciones Patagonia Aventura, which offer all kinds of outdoor adventure sports tours in the region. These tours including anything from rafting and canyoning to horseback riding and trekking. Some tours can last for more than a day and others can be booked for just a single afternoon. Esquel Tours is another travel company which organizes daily boat excursions on the Lacustre Circuit in Los Alerces National Park.

For those people less interested in sports and activity and more interested in gazing into the beautiful distance, take the Tourist Train which travels from Roca station in Esquel and arrives to Nahuel Pan within 45 minutes. The journey is relaxing and pretty, but the train is popular and so you might need to book a ticket a little in advance.

If you prefer to try something a little less advanced, La Trochita is Esquel’s famous narrow-gauge steam train. It makes a 30km wandering journey every week between Esquel and El Maitén and is subsidized by both the city authorities in Esquel and the governing bodies of Río Negro and Chubut

Tickle your taste buds in Esquel

There are a number of really good steak houses in Esquel, including Celedonio, De María and El Viejo Expresso. When visiting Argentina (unless you happen to be vegetarian) it would be foolish not to order at least one steak dinner before you return home and Esquel is one of the prettiest places in which to enjoy your cut of juicy, Argentine beef.

Enjoy all the tasty breakfast foods and afternoon snacks on offer too, in the wide range of bakeries and patisseries in the town including Abrojal, Café Sport and María Castaña.

Working holiday opportunities in Esquel

Connecting Worlds is also able to offer extra special help and support to anyone interested in organizing a working holiday in Esquel. The working holiday opportunity directly relates to the hostel industry.

The placement available is for someone who would like to work in one of the hostels in the region. The hostel staff need help in reception, with the organization of tours and the general upkeep of the hostel itself, particularly during the high season. It’s the perfect way of spending more time in Esquel without breaking the bank balance.

Those who join the hostel’s team on this working holiday will have plenty of time to be able to practice their Spanish skills too, which is another reason why lots of people choose to stop travelling for a while and devote a few months of their time to the hostel in Esquel. For more information on this particular working holiday, contact the Connecting Worlds team at any time.

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