How to get creative in Buenos Aires

By Tracey Chandler

Buenos Aires is a vibrant city, full of artists, dancers, theatre fanatics, acrobats, poets and more. Anyone interested in getting in tune with their creativeside won’t find it difficult to do in Buenos Aires.

If you plan on being in Buenos Aires for a lengthy period of time, because you plan to study, work, volunteer or work towards and internship, there’ll be plenty of opportunities for you to get involved in creative projects and make connections with fellow creative types.

Projects and ideas will spring up all over the place. I won’t be hard for you to get in on the creative, slightly bohemian scene that Buenos Aires has going on.

However, even if you only plan to visit Buenos Aires for a few weeks whilst on holiday or whilst backpacking through Latin America, there’s plenty of ways in which you can set your creative juices free. As covering everything on offer in one short blog post is just not possible, we have highlighted some of the best intensivecreative opportunities to take advantage of in Buenos Aires during the winter months (roughly the middle of June through to the middle of September).


Take a short course in one of the centro culturales (cultural centers). Two of the best for choice of course offered and times available are the CCR (Centro Cultural Rojas), which is part of the University of Buenos Aires and located at 2038 Avenida Corrientes, and the CCB (Centro Cultural Borges), located at 500 Viamonte. Both centers offer a range of classical ballet classes, contemporary classes, choreography workshops and contact improvisation workshops.

You can turn up and pay for a one off class or keep going back as part of an intensive course if you wish. The freedom of the timetable is great for people just passing through and wanting to try things out. The best thing about dance is that, if your Spanish isn’t that great, you can just follow the movements of the rest.

For something a little more intensive and a little more under, try El Camarín de Las Musas, located at 960 Mario Bravo. Contemporary dance seems to be their speciality. If not, trying heading out over to Espacio San Telmo, located at Perú 338.


There are theatre groups in English and in Spanish. Some English theatre groups are designed mainly for Spanish speakers to practice their English skills, others are English theatre groups for expats, others are Spanish theatre groups for people training to be actors in Buenos Aires and others are a mixture of a number of ideas. It’s all about getting out there and trying a few out.

Once you attend one theatre workshop, you’ll come into contact with information about other groups that you can participate in. The theatre circuit in Buenos Aires is a tightly-knit group of “theatre luvvies darling” who know everybody and anybody. Attend one workshop and the world will become your Buenos Aires theatrical oyster.Pic and Mix located at 3456 Cespedes in Colegiales is running an English theatre group for expats and natives at present.


It’s EVERYWHERE! Groups that paint murals in the streets, drawing classes, sculpture workshops, painting courses, and specialized seminars in comic drawing, illustrations for books, graphic design and more. The list is, quite frankly, endless. Try contacting either Mariana Gabor or Georgina Ciotti. They are two artists inBuenos Aires who run mural painting sessions and other kinds of art classes in sculpture, drawing and painting throughout the year. They are active artists who earn their living by working in the arts scene, so they’re great contacts.

Also try some of the weird and wonderful courses offered by Escuela Da Vinci (Art and Digital Design School in Buenos Aires). La IUNA (the public arts university inBuenos Aires) also provides a wide variety of sometimes free, but usually very cheap, intensive courses in painting and drawing with live models throughout the winter months.

Creative Writing

There are a number of expat writing groups based in Buenos Aire which you might want to get involved in during your stay. In order to keep track with the ones that are in operation when you happen to be in town, try consulting the Buenos AiresCraigslist postings and/or the BA Expats group. Most people involved in these groups use these two forums to advertise what’s new and so they are two of the best ways of keeping up to date with poetry and creative writing activities.


Espacio Buenos Aires, located at 835 Florida in the Microcentro, is awesome. You can learn how to make shoes, lengerie and handbags. You can take a course to become a personal shopper or a personal image consultant. You can take a photography course in fashion photography or try your hand at window-dressing. Not only is Espacio Buenos Aires a fun place to be, but you leave with official certifications in a wide range of skills that can help to launch your new career. Check out their website for interesting seminars on how to market your design business and produce business plans too.

Weak Spanish Skills

For certain projects, you might not get by without a good grasp of Spanish and it might even be a prerequisite to study in some places, like Espacio Buenos Aires. However, that’s not the case for everything and it’s always ok to ask. Your Spanish skills might actually be better than you think they are and so it’s worth throwing yourself in the deep end and having a go at fitting in with the Buenos Aires creativescene.

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