FIBA lands in Buenos Aires… It’s THE event for arts fanatics on an international scale!

By Tracey Chandler

From the 4th October to the 20th October in various Buenos Aires theatres/artistic spaces, both commercial and independent, visitors and natives can enjoy a broad range of national and international and work as part of the 9th International Festival in Buenos Aires (FIBA).

FIBA is one of the largest artistic international festivals in the world and Buenos Aires is undoubtedly one of the best-selected creative hubs in which to host it. The first festival was held in Buenos Aires in 1997 and the event only comes around every two years, which is why if you happen to be in Buenos Aires for these two weeks, you should take the opportunity to see something if possible.
The festival hosts a wide range of work across a number of artistic disciplines, including theatre, dance, fine arts, installations and visual/audio performances. There are many events which need to be pre-booked and for which the public are charged, but there are lots of other events which are free. Most of the festival is dedicated to the performance element of the arts, but there are some events registered which are actually workshops and/or talks related to the international arts scene.
FIBA 2013 has sold out fast. There are many events which have been sold-out for weeks, but most of the free events are still available. In general, the tickets for free events go on sale at the respective venue either one or two hours before the event starts. In this way, it’s first come, first served, and people who arrive to Buenos Aires in the middle of the festival also get a fair crack at being able to see some of what the festival has to offer.
Information about FIBA 2013

Works presented from all over the world are arriving to FIBA 2013. There are lots of national companies/artists included on the list, other works from neighbouring Latin American countries, Europe, The States, Africa, Australia and The Middle East. Some of the work is very modern and other directors/artists have chosen to present a “classic” instead.

There’s something to meet everyone’s taste and it’s a great way, for both visitors and natives, of getting to better know the various artistic spaces/theatres within Buenos Aires. There are lots of really active artistic spaces, developing some really great ideas, dotted all over the city, but many of them are hidden away down the back streets and, unless you are part of the artistic scene in BA, it’s easy to miss them as you wander passed.

For example, The Teatro San Martin and El Centro Cultural Ricardo Rojas are pretty well-known in Buenos Aires and both theatres are involved in the festival this year, but there are other lesser-known spaces, such as Beckett Teatro, Espacio Callejón and Teatro Picadero, which have also been included in the line-up.

A brief recommendation

Shéda is a theatrical/movement-based performance, delivered by the company Les Bruits de la Rue (from Congo), which is set to play in Buenos Aires’ open-air ampitheatre, located in El Parque Centenario on the 10th, 11th and 12th of October at 6.30pm.

The performance is free. Tickets go on sale at the venue just two hours before it starts and only two tickets can be reserved per person. The performance looks to be an interesting one, fairly modern in style, and it’s the perfect opportunity to visit Buenos Aires ampitheatre at the same time. Plus… it’s free! You couldn’t ask for more!

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