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By Tracey Chandler

There are plenty of female-focused activities/groups/support networks in Buenos Aires and the number continues to grow. Buenos Aires is a popular city with female tourists and those undertaking internships/volunteer programs abroad, but it’s also an inspiring/progressive South American city in many ways in which many women choose to build their lives. Why?A quick glance across the spectrum of female life/history in Buenos Aires reveals plenty of opportunities for women to interact with each other in a variety of ways.

Ladies Brunch is a growing group of female entrepreneurs who meet every month to share business plans/strategies/contacts over brunch. Yoga Booty Ballet is an innovative dance class, just for girls, which combines the teachings of yoga and meditation with dance. Many people make a point of visiting Plaza de Mayo when they arrive to the city and the work of the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo (those women who lost their loved ones during Argentina’s military dictatorship) remains strong.

Argentina is also run by a female president, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, and the legacy left behind by Evita Perón continues to drive thousands of visitors to her grave in the Recoleta Cemetery every year.

However, some of the most impressive work done for women in Buenos Aires is undertaken by female support organisations, NGOs and volunteer groups interested in protecting women from future repression. There are a number of organizations which offer emotional, legal, social and educational support to all women in Buenos Aires, a number of which have been selected and highlighted below…

Mujeres Públicas

Mujeres Públicas was formed in 2003. It’s a feminist group, focused on political action, which aims to tackle political issues through art. The group produces images and creative objects which are then presented around the streets of Buenos Aires to express political ideals and to encourage changes in the way women are treated and viewed in Argentina.

The group focuses on using humour and irony to highlight the oppressions that women face in Argentina today. Some of the creative work that is produced is distributed across military organisations and schools too. The group tends to avoid the typical artistic spaces as a means of sharing its work and ideas, preferring instead to choose alternative non-artistic spaces to host what it produces. The group believes that this enable it to make its voice heard by the right people and in the right context within Buenos Aires, other Argentine provinces and beyond in other countries across Latin America.

Las Resilientes

Las Resilientes is a group of women who have suffered from domestic violence in Argentina. The group has gradually developed into a haven of self-help for other women who suffer from domestic violence and acts as an effective support network for the same in order to help them find a way out of their abusive environment. The group meets once a week in Capital Federal and provides a unique kind of support for women in difficulties, as the women who run the group have already gone through the experience of leaving a past of domestic violence behind them.

Mujeres al Oeste

Mujeres al Oeste covers a huge area of Buenos Aires (the entire west province) and in each neighbourhood there are groups, activities and workshops designed specifically for the people of that local area to take part in. The programs/activities are organised vary greatly. One of the most prominent social issues which still exists for women in Buenos Aires today is that abortion remains illegal. To that end, Mujeres al Oeste have made this issue a central concern for them across the entire western province of Buenos Aires and has been involved in the National Campaign for Legal, Safe and Free Abortion in Argentina since the campaign first came to light.

Unlike the other groups listed so far, Mujeres al Oeste is run by a group of women who not only focus on protecting/fighting for the rights of women, but for teenagers and young children too. The group is very active and participates in meetings, forums, assemblies and campaigns, both at national and international levels throughout the year. It aims to force changes to Argentine laws which impede the complete social, educational and political freedom of women and young people across the country and it focuses on providing local support of a practical nature to those in need who live in the west of Buenos Aires.

The main centre is located in Morón, Buenos Aires, which also houses an extensive public library full of documentation and publications to help educate women about their rights and the rights of their children too. The centre is able to organise legal support for women who need help getting out of a violent relationship, which is provided free of charge, as many women in Buenos Aires are unaware of what options are available to them to follow.

Grupo de Mujeres

Grupo de Mujeres works on behalf of women in Argentina at both national and international levels. The group is heavily involved in political activity in the country and ensures that representatives from the group are always present when important discussions about political/social reform are taking place.

Grupo de Mujeres is particularly interested in fighting for human rights which should be made available to those people in jail or held in other kinds of restricted institutions. It is common place that basic human rights relating to health and health-care provisions are denied to prisoners and/or patients who are internalised in restricted units throughout Argentina. Grupo de Mujeres aims to ensure that prisoners and internalised patients are aware of their basic human rights relating to health and that they receive the right kind of support to help them receive the care that they deserve. This is particularly important when referring to pregnant prisoners/patients.

The group also helps provide support to those people who are going through the process of returning to society. It is dedicated to helping these people re-enter the local community and leave their life of crime or anti-social behaviour behind them.

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