Female, single and looking for a challenge – Try a working holiday in Argentina

By Tracey Chandler

Anne Laure from FranceIf you’re female and looking for a challenge that you can embark on all on your own, a working holiday program in Argentina is definitely something you should look into.

Occupying a total area of 2.7 million square kilometers, Argentina is the 8th largest country is the world in terms of size, the largest Spanish-speaking country in the world and the second largest country in Latin America (coming in behind Brazil). It’s also the largest exporter of popping corn in the world (the US is the largest producer, but the country consumes most of what it produces, whereas Argentina produces to export) and is home to a population of approximately 37 million, with 15.2 million living in Buenos Aires alone.

In addition to its awesome size, spectacular geographical location and growing population, Argentina is an attractive location for a working holiday thanks to its fascinating (if not horrific) history, politics and constantly rising inflation. Women, searching for an experience they’ll never forget, should find a working holiday program in Argentina and dedicate at least six months to a year to discovering what this Latin American country is all about.

Meeting people in Argentina

Argentina: a progressive country and a smart choice for the single female

There are many aspects of Argentina’s politics and culture which some foreigners might find outdated and even alarming. It’s still illegal for women to have an abortion in Argentina. Women from other parts of the world might be horrified by this fact. Horrified or not, the reality of the matter remains unchanged.

Having said that, Argentina is one of the most progressive countries in Latin America in many other ways. For instance, it was the first country to legalize single-sex marriage in Latin America and its population is a huge fan of technology, demonstrated by the fact that Facebook decided a couple of years ago to base some of its offices in Argentina… Argentina has one of the highest Facebook-user figure in the world. It’s a country which more or less begs for foreign investors to set up camp or outsource their many day-to-day administrative needs to.

As one of the most progressive countries in Latin America, Argentina is the perfect location for a women of any age looking to travel alone and invest time in a working holiday abroad. You won’t have any difficulties keeping up with modern technologies in Argentina (particularly in the major towns and cities). What’s more, women traveling alone don’t have to worry too much about treated with disrespect, just for being female. The attitudes towards women in Argentina are some of the most progressive on the entire continent.

Another important factor for women looking to embark on a working holiday in Argentina is that a large proportion of Argentine women, particularly in Buenos Aires, are influenced by first-world trends and customs. This helps you to not stand out too much like a sore thumb when you walk down the street every day.

Naturally, as with any country, Argentine’s have their own style which affects the way they dress, the way they move, the way they interact with each other and the kind of activities they embark upon on a daily basis. However, a European, Australian or US women arriving to Perú or to Bolivia or even to Brazil, will immediately appear more foreign to those around her than she would do if she arrived to Argentina.

When considering a working holiday abroad, whatever the destination, it’s important to process just how much of a challenge it will be and how different everything will seem to you. Working holidays abroad and having to adapt to foreign languages, cultures and customs, can be really exhausting. There will probably be a lot of tears throughout the course of the program and you might even consider the idea of giving up and going home.

This is why choosing Argentina, a country which isn’t going to seem so alien to you for many reasons, is one of the best moves you can make when planning your working holiday.

Meeting people in Argentina

Other reasons to choose Argentina

Argentina’s terrain is so varied that the range of working holiday programs on offer is hard to top. Women can find working holiday programs on farms, in mountain retreats, in city start-ups, in offshore marketing companies, in hostels, in ski-resorts, and the list goes on. Whatever kind of experience you’re looking for, Argentina has the necessary natural resources to make it happen.

A working holiday in Argentina also means the opportunity to learn Spanish. Career-oriented women mustn’t overlook the importance of this fact. As well as gaining experience in an industry which interests you and living abroad for anything up to a year, you’ll have the perfect opportunity to learn a second language (and Spanish is the second most-spoken language in the world) at the same time.

Women hoping to find a working holiday program which suits them in a city environment won’t find a better place than Buenos Aires, simply because of the large, supportive and creative expat community which will be waiting to receive them. Six months to a year, away from home, away from your native language and away from family and friends is no easy task. Even if you spend most of your time integrating yourself into the native community, the expat network will be invaluable to you throughout your stay. Buenos Aires is a huge city, impossible to get to know in just a few months, but it won’t seem so big with an expat network of support nearby.

For more information on working holiday programs in Buenos Aires and the rest of Argentina, don’t hesitate in contacting Connecting Worlds immediately. We will definitely be able to help you find the program which suits you best.

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