In your 30s and looking for a change? 5 reasons to opt for an internship in Argentina

By Tracey Chandler

Foto by Eva Janetti from FranceIf you’re in your 30s and looking to make a change in your life, choosing to find an interesting internship in Argentina could be a very viable and worthwhile option.

Internships are not just for those of us fresh out of university, or for youngsters about to embark on a GAP year. Internships can be the springboard that almost anybody needs, at any age, to launch themselves into a new life, a fresh start, a different career – a new challenge which fills their days with activities and tasks that they actually enjoy.

Many people in their 30s can feel that they’re stuck in a rut with no way out. Change might seem like a scary prospect, but the truth of the matter is that change is always possible and even more so for people in their 30s. 30-somethings are in a prime position from which to launch a new career or to try living in a foreign country, particularly those without a partner or children. The experience gained throughout your 20s can only help you to be prepared for the challenges that a change of job and, perhaps, country will afford.

There are many countries to live in and many internship programs on offer throughout the world. Choosing where to go and what to do might time some time, particularly if you’re craving something new but you’re not quite sure what that something really is.

With that in mind, here are five reasons why opting for an internship program in Argentina is one of the best moves you might ever make…

Foto by Tit Vickek

1. Argentina’s expat demographic

You’re never too old for an internship in any country. You only have to look at the characters from The Internship, the movie, with Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson to see that, but one of the best reasons to undertake an internship in Argentina is because it’s full of expats in the 30s and over age-bracket.

2. Learning Spanish

If you decide to opt for an internship in your own city or in another English speaking location, all well and good on the internship-front. But if you take the plunge to opt for an internship in Argentina, you can combine the experience with a course in Spanish lessons at the same time. Spanish is the second most-widely spoken language in the world. If you’re going to choose a second-language to focus on, it might as well be one which you can use to communicate with others across a wide range of markets and countries.

3. Diversity

Argentina is incredibly diverse. It’s made up of cities, towns, mountains, vineyards, farmland, ski resorts and rainforests, just to give you a bit of an idea. It spans across an incredible 2,780,400 square kilometers, making it the 8th largest country in the world in terms of size, but also THE largest Spanish-speaking country in the world, period! It consists of 23 provinces and one autonomous city, which is its capital, Buenos Aires. Approximately, 40 million people live in Argentina and therefore opportunities is all walks of life are there for the taking. You may have worked in an office all your life until now, but you might also have a great desire to work on a farm. Intern in Argentina’s countryside for at least six months, learn some Spanish and give the change of career direction a try!

4. Going for broke in a big way

Life in your 30s calls for BIG changes… not little ones. A move to Europe for English-speaking natives is a popular choice, but it’s not such a big leap. Australia is a popular expat destination and San Francisco is full of start-up opportunities for anyone looking to try something new and take a few career risks, but Argentina provides a REAL change, particularly for UK and US citizens. Interning in Argentina will really test you and push you to your limits in terms of dealing with a change in culture, politics, location, language, traditions, customs and economy. Don’t get left behind. Over 400 British Citizens leave the UK every single day, the Telegraph reports. Why not be one of them on your way to Argentina?

5. Buenos Aires is a prime location for 30-something interns

If Argentina has a lot to offer, Buenos Aires has at least 10 times that. BA is a highly creative city in which many expats invest in start-up ideas/opportunities. There’s a number of companies which outsource their staffing needs to employees based in Buenos Aires, making the city a thriving hub of creativity and entrepreneurial energy. If you take the leap and opt for an internship program in Buenos Aires, you might find that within a year you are looking into launching your own start-up company off of Argentine soil, or even outsourcing from your home town back to Argentina at a later date.

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