Why is a Teaching English Working Holiday Program in Argentina better than a Paid English Teaching Position in other parts of the world?

By Tracey Chandler

ClassroomThere are working holiday opportunities all over the world and lots of paid English teaching positions in a wide variety of countries too, so why decide to teach English in Argentina? What are the benefits of a working holiday program teaching English in one of the southern-most countries in South America?

Connecting Worlds offers one of the most highly successful Teaching English Working Holiday Programs in Argentina for a number of reasons. It’s true that you could decide to take on an English teaching position in a wide range of countries all over the world and get paid for your services, but there are a lot of risks involved in doing this – far more than the risks involved in committing to a working holiday as an English teacher in Argentina.


The pitfalls of accepting paid teaching English positions abroad

Countries including Qatar, China, Spain and Greece, offer paid working opportunities as English teachers within state schools and private institutions on a regular basis. Sometimes, the schools or teaching companies will even pay for and organise your transfer from one country to another, help you to find suitable accommodation and include additional benefits to your pay, such as a car or a gym membership.

The problem is that if you’ve never lived in Qatar, China, Spain or Greece before and you suddenly sign yourself up to a year’s contract or more, you might be heading into a terrible situation that you soon find you cannot easily get out of.

Living abroad is an incredibly enlightening experience. Read our recent article on 10 reasons why everyone should live abroad at least once and you’ll soon realise that Connecting Worlds is a big supporter of life abroad and following scary dreams. However, making friends, understanding a foreign culture, learning to communicate with people who don’t speak your native language and, on top of all that, having to commit to a year’s contract with a heavy work schedule and lots of responsibilities, is enough to send anyone a little bit mad to say the least.

The advantages of committing to a Teaching English Working Holiday

Working holidays are unpaid programs. Anyone interested in committing to a working holiday will have to pay a fee which covers a number of important costs. For example, the cost of the working holidays organised by Connecting Worlds include accommodation, food, transfers to and from the airport, an induction week upon arrival in order to meet other people who have enrolled on the program, to get acquainted with what life will be like in new, foreign surroundings and Spanish lessons with a professionally trained Spanish tutor.

The working holiday programs that we organise at Connecting Worlds also offer the participant a monthly stipend – a small sum of money every month to help cover basic costs and the odd night out or day trip, for example. Working holidays are not paid positions and participants do have to cover certain costs to enroll on the programs, but the costs are there for a reason.

If you accept a paid teaching English position in a foreign country, you won’t receive the kind of emotional/social support that will be necessary to help you feel included and happy in your foreign surroundings. You might be lucky a land in a really supportive school with a supportive line manager at your side, but you might not be lucky too. When you commit to a working holiday you are investing money in the experience to ensure that when you arrive to your new location if there are any problems, these problems will be sorted out for you.

Having the guarantee that you will be looked after and that you won’t be locked into a commitment for more than five months is really important when deciding to live and “work” in another country for the first time.

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Why choose Argentina above all other countries in the world?

Working holidays for teachers of English can be found all over the world, particularly in poorer countries and poorer communities, but Argentina has a number of special qualities which make it the perfect choice for a Teaching English Working Holiday.

Firstly, we can arrange for you to live with Argentine families or in other kinds of accommodation with Argentines which will first help to improve your Spanish and second help to learn a lot more about the local culture in your chosen location. Argentines are incredibly friendly, which makes it the perfect place to travel to when signing up to these kinds of programs alone.

Argentina is also a very large country (the 7th largest country in the world, in fact), which means there are lots of possibilities for lots of teaching English positions in a variety of locations. At present, the value of the Argentine peso is very low, which means anyone traveling to the country with USD, UK pounds or Euros, will be able to make their money go a lot further.

But above all, one of the best reasons to choose to commit to a working holiday in teaching English in Argentina is because you will be able to rely on the dedicated support of the team of staff at Connecting Worlds. We have lots of experience, we know what’s necessary to make people feel relaxed and at home and new possibilities in new Argentine teaching institutions are opening through our organisation all the time.

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