So you want to volunteer in Argentina, do you?

By Tracey Chandler

There are many opportunities for willing volunteers to make a difference in Argentina. Connecting Worlds already has connections in three specific sectorsanimal recovery, public medical services and support for children and teenagers who live on the streets.


Argentina, like most countries in the world, is working hard to bring about positive change to the lives of the weak and vulnerable, including children and animals. It’s also a country full of active organisations which do their very best to improve the social, economical, educational and medical conditions of communities and particular demographics which are overlooked and unaccounted for by the system.

Connecting Worlds actively participates in providing support for those who need it most in Argentina. One of the ways in which it makes a visible difference to the lives of those in need is through its volunteer programs.

Volunteers who sign up to work on the variety of programs we offer do so for a number of reasons. Many volunteers gain unbeatable experience and insight from working on these volunteer programs in Argentina. Other volunteers choose to commit in order to learn more about Argentina and what it’s like to live here from the inside out — for many people, the difference between being a tourist in Argentina and a volunteer in Argentina is huge. Some volunteers choose to sign up to our programs because they know that they have the skills required to make a real difference to local Argentine communities, or at-risk demographic groups.

Whatever your reason is behind wanting to participate on a volunteering program in Argentina, Connecting Worlds can help you. In particular, we can set you up in volunteer positions which relate to the following four areas of interest:

1. Public Hospital Volunteers

Public hospitals across Argentina are always in need of volunteers who can assist in a number of departments. Medical students might be interested in volunteer programs which are linked directly to patient care, but volunteers without medical training could choose to work in administration departments within clinics, hospitals, doctors’ surgeries and medical centres to help get through the streams of administrative duties that regular staff cannot seem to keep on top of.

These volunteer placements are great opportunities for medical students who need to gain experience in foreign medical care.

2. Small Medical Foundations, devoted to providing medical assistance

Argentina is also home to a number of medical foundations — most of these foundations are relatively small and dedicate their time, care and attention to the local community within which they are based. These foundations require help with the management of medical projects and programs and with the application of grants. They also need help with the diffusion of information out into the local community to ensure everyone in their neighbourhood is up-to-date about the latest developments in medical care.

These volunteer placements work really well for anyone interested in working at local community level, or for anyone hoping to work on new projects and contribute to real change for small groups of people.

3. Children/Adolescent Assistance Centers

There are a number of organisations in Argentina which are devoted to the protection and care of both children and teenagers who live on the streets. There are many ways in which volunteers can be of real help and support to these important associations. You might be a whizz at putting grant application forms together. You might have the right kind of approach to work with the children directly and offer workshops to help them develop skills they desperately need. You might also be interested in writing about the children that you meet and the work that these organisations do, which can really help to spread the word and increase support from local communities.

4. Animal Rescue NGOs

Argentina is full of animals in need. Stray dogs and cats, particularly in the larger cities, are a real cause for concern, but it rural areas, there are problems with horses which have been discarded by owners and other kinds of farmland animals too. These animal rescue NGOs need lots of support. They need help rescuing the animals, feeding them, housing them, curing them from injuries and diseases they might have incurred and more.

However you see yourself contributing to a particular cause in Argentina, let Connecting Worlds know and we will set about finding a list of all the possible opportunities which exist in Argentina for you to support. There are many causes in dire need of committed and caring volunteers. We hope to hear from you soon.

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