Learning or Improving your Spanish in Argentina

By Tracey Chandler

According to Top Universities, around 90,000 international students visit Argentina on an annual basis, making it the second most popular Latin American country for foreign students coming in behind Uruguay.

30.000 of these students come from Europe, the US and Asia. This specific demographic is particularly attracted to study opportunities in Argentina because the quality of the education is high, living costs are relatively affordable and the option exists for becoming highly skilled in Spanish.

The QS University Rankings for Latin America lists 30 institutions in Argentina for the quality of their teaching and the courses they offer. If that wasn’t already enough, the studies completed by The QS World University Rankings for 2013/2014 rank The Universidad de Buenos Aires as 209th in the world and 12th in Latin America.

Essentially, Argentina is one of the top options for foreign students, particularly those wishing to learn or perfect their Spanish. Pacsafe lists Argentina as one of the six top locations in the world to learn Spanish.

What makes learning Spanish in Argentina so popular?

Firstly, Spanish studies are growing in popularity the world over. It’s the second most natively spoken language in the world — Spanish is the native language of 20 countries worldwide. Between approximately 470 and 500 million people speak Spanish, it’s the second most studied language and the second most popular language used in international communications. It’s popularity grows year on year.

The popularity of the Spanish language for business and study purposes has had a very positive effect on Latin American countries and their economies. However, the use of Spanish via the Internet has also grown by a staggering 800% in the last few years — it’s now the third most popular Internet language, coming in close behind Mandarin and English. 80 million Facebook accounts are registered in Spanish and 18 million students study Spanish as a foreign language.

In Argentina, Spanish courses are especially popular thanks to what foreign students experience outside of the classroom — the famous reputation the country has gradually developed for being a welcoming and fascinating place to visit.

Argentines are friendly, generous and welcoming. Buenos Aires in particular is one of the best cities in Latin America for culture and for social gatherings. This makes learning Spanish even easier, as there’s always plenty of time and opportunities to put classroom studied into practice in social situations. Making friends is relatively easy in Argentina and this makes the entire foreign study experience a lot more positive.

Argentina is also a fascinating country to visit. Anyone with an interest in travel, particularly outdoor travel, will never find themselves without anything to do or enjoy in Argentina. The country is divided into mountains, vineyards, glaciers, ranches, tropical rainforest, indigenous tribes and waterfalls difficult to match elsewhere. There are lots of national parks to visit, opportunities to participate in skiing activities and it can lay claim to owning the southern-most point on Earth (apart from Antarctica).

Argentines also speak a very unique style of Spanish. They use an entire bank of slang vocabulary, known as Lunfardo, and the rhythm of the Argentine accent has a certain Italian cant to it. It’s quite beautiful.

How can you be sure to select the best Spanish study option in Argentina?

There are plenty of options available. There are lots of private institutions, the state universities run their own programs, there are also lots of private teachers who will give your personalised lessons which can be helpful if you need intensive training, and there are lots of volunteer programs or internships which include Spanish lessons as part of the entire package.

As there are so many courses to choose from in Argentina, it’s best to get some help. Connecting Worlds doesn’t just vouch for the quality of the Spanish courses which it promotes, but we can also arrange discounts for anyone who we help.

In plain terms, if you contact Connecting Worlds for Spanish lessons, we will be able to get you those lessons at a reduced cost, simply because we have a number of agreements in place with some very effective Spanish schools across the country. Don’t hesitate in contacting us for more information about Spanish lessons at any time, as these discounts are available throughout the year.

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