Traveling across Argentina with expert advice

By Tracey Chandler

Imagine you’ve decided to visit Argentina, for whatever reason. You might be in the country on a teaching English abroad program, a working holiday, a Spanish course or you might just be visiting as a regular tourist.

Whatever your reason for visiting, it’s always good to have some idea about where to travel, what to see and what to do.


It’s particularly useful to have a little help when wanting to travel around the smaller towns and villages in the country. Most people have heard of Buenos Aires, lots of people know about Mendoza for its wine, Salta is popular on the tourist track for its beautiful canyon countryside, and Mar Del Plata has built up a huge reputation, nationally and internationally, for being one of the best coastal places to visit in Argentina.

However, if you’re thinking about visiting lesser-known places in Argentina, it’s best to get a little advice from the experts.

Connecting Worlds can recommend two such experts for specialist, personalised travel information. Pueblos Turísticos and Mar y Pampa Viajes.


Pueblos Turísticos

“Pueblos Turísticos” — which translates to “Touristy Villages” — is a website devoted to revealing the beauty of some of Argentina’s lesser-known villages and small towns.

Destinations such as Azcuenaga, Escalada and Vuelta de Obligado feature on the site as three of the most recommended places to visit, which are off of the regular tourist’s track in Argentina.

Azcuenaga is a village featuring streets built from mud, lined with antique family houses. The wonders of the small village, Escalada, are brought to the interested tourist direct from the village’s community — Escalada being one of the first destinations in Argentina in which the local community organizes and manages all tourist features. Vuelta de Obligado is situated on the beautiful borders of the Paraná River. There are plenty of interesting monuments for the historically-driven tourist to visit and discover.

All destinations highlighted on the site are also handily situated on easy-to-read maps of the local areas.


Mar y Pampa Viajes

“Mar y Pampa Viajes” is a local travel business, situated in the heart of the seaside town of Mar Del Plata. It’s particularly designed for professionals who travel for work purposes, but it’s also devoted to sharing information about the local region with the rest of the world. It’s core goal is to heighten the interest of Mar Del Plata and the surrounding areas in international tourists.

The tourist specialists who work for the company are dedicated to the novel idea of receptive tourism — that which encourages real interaction between the local community and the visiting tourist. The company believes that Mar Del Plata is one of the most culturally interesting, commercially entertaining, architecturally stunning and historically important cities in the whole of Latin America — hence the reason why they want to encourage more visitors year on year.

The personalised attention and specialist care which both expert tourist companies offer the visitor during their stay make both Pueblos Turísticos and Mar y Pampa Viajes two of the very best independent tourist centers across the entire country.

All visitors to the region, whatever the reason for your stay, should consider seeking out the advice of these two trustworthy tourist companies.

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