Argentina’s Tourism in 2014 – a few things to note

By Tracey Chandler

47868_131585353554274_8067550_nEven though Argentina has had a pretty rough time of it in terms of its economy — an unstoppable rise in inflation, the vulture funds, and an incredible loss against the US dollar — it’s tourism sector has managed to do fairly well.

According to the International Tourism Survey (ETI), by September 2014 there was a 14.5% rise in international tourists in Argentina when compared to 2013. A total of 4,3 million international tourists visited Argentina between January and September 2014, 2 million of those arrived by crossing the land borders, 438,000 arrived by boat, and 1,9 million arrived by plane to either the international airport at Ezeiza or the local airport Jorge Newbery.

In fact, records show that 439,000 international tourists arrived to Argentina during September 2014 alone, recording a 4.1% increase on last year’s figures. More than half of those tourists came from just three markets — Brazil, Chile, and Uruguay. Well-known for their love of travel, 90,000 Brazilian tourists visited Argentina in September 2014 — an impressive 9.2% increase on the same month in 2013.

Figures relating to Paraguay and Bolivia reveal the largest growth in international tourists to Argentina in 2014. There has been a 34.8% increase of tourists from Paraguay and a 34.3% increase of tourists from Bolivia when compared to last year’s data. Out of 198,000 tourists who took part in the survey, the average daily expenditure of these tourists in 2014 has been US$85,9 and most choose to stay for an average of 11.1 nights.

Popular destinations, such as Tierra del Fuego, have benefitted from government investments and initiatives — so much so, that things are beginning to look really promising in many ways for 2015.

Tierra del Fuego literally is at the very end of the Earth, and poor connections to this extreme austral destination haven’t made it easy for the tourism sector. Recent developments have made significant improvements to the connections between Tierra del Fuego, the rest of the country and Chile.

There are new airline plans in the making to increase the frequency of flights, and passenger capacity on these flights will increase to 250. There are also plans to increase baggage space for passengers, which is essential when visiting Tierra del Fuego. Many tourists need baggage space for important and equipment and clothing necessary to their trip.

Tourism agencies that operate in the area expect to see a 16% increase in cruises during the summer season 2014/2015. The local Port Board has also stated that it believes Tierra del Fuego will be between 75% and 80% full during the entire season.

Argentina’s presence in the World Travel Market 2014, hosted in London in the UK, demonstrated a lively, attractive tourism offer — reflective of the huge variety available to travel fanatics who choose Argentina as their holiday destination.

Argentina’s stand was organised by INPROTUR (Argentina’s National Institute of Tourist Promotion) and shared detailed information about the tourism offers in Bariloche, Buenos Aires, Misiones, the Patagonia, Salta and Tucumán. The national airline, Aerolíneras Argentinas, was present, as too were various tourism councils, around 25 tourism-related businesses, hotels, tourist operators, and cruise organisers.

Argentina may be suffering from cash-flow problems, but the good news is that it’s tourism industry isn’t showing any signs of slowing down any time soon.

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