Teaching English in China

227534_145932342143012_1349737_nConnecting Worlds takes you to CHINA! We are thrilled to announce our new programs for English Teachers in the Asian Giant! Now we are connecting the world with ASIA!

This program is exclusive for NATIVE English speakers, either with or without experience in Teaching, but curious about this amazing country, its culture, history and a true passion for learning and helping others.

Here is a description of the Program:

Teaching English in China is a lot more than a work & travel program. It is indeed a life-changing experience. Teaching China brings you the unique opportunity to teach English in one of the world’s most ancient countries which also happens to be one of the quickest developing ones, an amazing combination absolutely worth experiencing.


English is highly demanded in China and the need for highly qualified teachers is ever-increasing in every corner of the Asian Giant. We make sure our teachers have a positive experience and for that reason take care of every detail: airport pick up (with the sign in English, don’t panic!), transportation to the school location, first meal (it can be hard to order in a Chinese restaurant after a long flight), accommodation for the whole length of the contract and a very competitive salary. We also provide continuous support for anything our teachers may need (from buying online to opening a bank account). We have been living and working in China for a while now and know what it is like!


This experience will open up the doors of a different, yet charming and extremely friendly world for you to experience. Living and working in China gives our teachers the unparallel opportunity to: learn the language (it is a lot less intimidating than you think -after the initial shock!- we promise), taste those amazing Chinese cuisine flavors (and get hooked to ultra spicy food and street stalls), meet some of the warmest-hearted, most generous people you will ever meet (honestly, nothing compares to Chinese hospitality -once you get passed the constant staring and friendly “hellos” everywhere you go) and become part of a huge international community that is helping China grow so rapidly.


All teaching positions are for at least 6 months (one academic semester, which is usually from March to July or September to January), allowing teachers plenty of time for after-work holidays!


-FREE for teachers

-Unique opportunity to work and live in CHINA

-24/7 professional support

-Airport pick-up, transportation and accommodation provided

-Highly competitive salary

-A true cultural immersion experience

-The possibility to live in one of the world’s fastest developing countries

-Constant training and assistance from the hiring school

Facebook profile: https://www.facebook.com/workexperience.china

Page: https://www.facebook.com/enkeeducation?ref=hl

 By Andrea Gottschalk

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