CW Destinations: Chile

thumbStretching more than 2,600 miles down the western coast and averaging only 109 miles wide, Chile is the skinniest country in South America. Also, it is home to many natural wonders: the driest desert in the world in the north, the endless coastal area in the west, the majestic Andes in the east and the smoky and snow-covered volcanos in the south. The Easter Island and the Robinson Crusoe Island in the Pacific Ocean are definitely also among the main attractions of the country.

Besides the natural attractions there are many other things that make us choose this country one of our destinies: good and stable weather throughout the year, good infrastructure, many tourist attractions and welcoming people all across the country.

CW has several options for you to know this “pearl of South America”:

  • Spanish Courses: Since 1992 our school has become a member of TANDEM-International – a network of quality schools in 1996 and also of the Chilean-Swiss chamber of commerce in 2010. The surrounded neighborhood is a magnet for students, artists and craftsmen and the perfect environment for you to learn this language. We have three different types of classes, intensive, super-intensive and one-to-one tuition.  The three of them offers an authentic culture immersion that goes beyond a standard tourist experience.
  • Internships: You can gain valuable working experience for your CV or even for university credit. With CW you will have opportunities in real work environments and the chance to significantly improve your Spanish language skills. Internships are non-paid due to strict regulations of the Chilean Government regarding the work of foreigners in local companies.

In both cases, accommodation can be customized to suit your individual needs and preferences. We recommend the family home stay to get in touch with the culture and Chilean middle class people. You have an AMAZING OPPORTUNITY to LEARN in a dreamful country, MEET welcoming people and ENJOY a completely different culture. What are you waiting for?

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