Working while travelling

By Andrea Gottschalk & Marina Errecart

A young woman with a backpack is looking at the ruins of an ancient Maya city Tikal. Guatemala

A young woman with a backpack is looking at the ruins of an ancient Maya city Tikal. Guatemala

Sometimes we feel the pressure of routine and daily life, we miss freedom and adventure. Constantly dreaming about travelling but at the same time we feel prisoners of the safety of a permanent job. Our home surrounded of our loved family and friends also seems impossible to leave behind. 

Despite everything, have you ever thought if it’s really impossible to achieve your dreams? If many people have done it, why won’t you? If your biggest impediment is money, then we have some good news for you! YOU CAN EARN WHILE ON THE ROAD! Really! Here are some ideas…

Teaching Languages: Probably it is the easiest way to work abroad. The necessary qualifications depend on where exactly you want to teach. In most developing countries, you can teach just by being a NATIVE SPEAKER. You can work independently or in private institutes, where sometimes the arrangement of your visa and all logistics are made for you.

Freelance work: Web design and consulting are fantastic options while writing is also a possibility. You can use your skills (photography, paintings and drawing are on top) and create an on-line course to teach people around the world.

Now you know that you do not have to wait a lifetime, you don’t have to give up your dreams of traveling the world only for the money. Explore, live and TRAVEL while you are WORKING abroad!



Work at hotels, restaurants and bars: When we talk about entertainment it seems like foreign people are always a strong magnet to attract customers. A nice foreign accent or a different look are always welcome. Although knowing traditional recipes or drinks from your home country can be a link to your new job.

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Infinite possibilities and the chance of a life-time experience are awaiting you! Want to join us?

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