Why to teach english in Colombia?

By Andrea Gottschalk & Marina Errecart

frase3As in many other places, some curious and unique facts are unknown for most of us…Take a minute to read this article and find out what is hiding in this majestic country!

Cultural contrast: Although colonial architecture is common in major cities, modern buildings are part of the landscapes everywhere.

Great natural diversity: It is one of the 17 most diverse countries in the world, specially within the Amazon’s rain forest where they have restricted areas to protect endangered species. Also…Colombia has the largest amount of unique wildlife in any part of the world.


Coffee culture: As a representative element of they culture, coffee is present everywhere! It’s completely normal even for children to drink coffee with or without milk after their meals. Juan Valdez is the most famous brand… Once you try it, you will totally forget Starbucks!

Friendly people: Geniunily kind and friendly, funny and always willing to help visitors to feel at home. Colombian people do not use the word “no” as an answer!

Cartagena by Lisa Machin

Colombian musicians and writers: From Gabriel Garcia Marque to Shakira a lot of famous and talented people born in Colombia and inspired the whole world.

Healthy life: Colombians love sports, specially the adventure ones. Also, soccer and basketball Colombian players are internationally well known. The main cities are covered by cycle lanes people use instead of using their cars.

Traditional music: There are some traditional rhythms such as: Cumbia, Vallenato, Joropo, Calypso and Currulao. You will definitely enjoy watching, learning and practicing some of these dances.

Are you dreaming of being there. Don´t you?


Traveling around the streets of this colonial and beautiful country you will redefine Colombia!

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