I Want to Teach in Colombia… Which is the perfect TEFL course for me?

By Tracey Chandler

Breakfast with our Colombian co-teachers, Cali. By Sara FrenchOne of the questions that we’re regularly asked is whether or not it’s necessary to study towards a TEFL qualification if you want to teach English in Colombia. The short answer, is “yes”! It’s really important to have a TEFL qualification, particularly if you don’t have any formal teaching experience of any kind, and you’ll find it a lot easier to land your dream placement with a certified qualification in your pocket. Continue reading

Applying to Teach in Colombia: What’s the Placement Preference Form?

By Tracey Chandler

Teach english in Colombia!If you’re reading this article, it’s probably because you’ve decided you want to teach English in Colombia. At the very least, you’re 90% sure about signing up and you’re just doing a little bit of extra research into the process before signing on the dotted line. Continue reading

Food For Thought: Cuisine in Argentina

By Harriet Webb

EmpanadasMouth-watering steaks and crisp red wines are probably the first things that spring to mind when one is asked to imagine Argentina. And while there is no denying that the country has, to use a French expression, the crème de la crème of both delicacies, there are plenty of other culinary delights that are less well-known, but just as delicious. Continue reading

Month One in the Happiest Country in the World

By Sara French

English Fellow Orientation, Bogota. By Sara FrenchHola de Colombia! My name is Sara French and I am an English Teaching Fellow in Colombia, South America. I graduated from Davidson College in North Carolina this past May with the daunting thought of “what am I going to do with my life?” I think this crosses every college graduates’ mind at some point. I studied abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina during Spring 2014 and always knew I wanted to return to South America. Continue reading