I Want to Teach in Colombia… Which is the perfect TEFL course for me?

By Tracey Chandler

Breakfast with our Colombian co-teachers, Cali. By Sara FrenchOne of the questions that we’re regularly asked is whether or not it’s necessary to study towards a TEFL qualification if you want to teach English in Colombia. The short answer, is “yes”! It’s really important to have a TEFL qualification, particularly if you don’t have any formal teaching experience of any kind, and you’ll find it a lot easier to land your dream placement with a certified qualification in your pocket.

However, not all TEFL qualifications are the same. So… which is the best one for you?

Quality matters

Naturally, it’s not essential that you study on one of the TEFL courses we offer, but we wouldn’t offer our courses if we didn’t believe in them. We’re experts in the TEFL industry and we know the difference between a serious program that actually trains people to teach English as a foreign language, and those other kinds of programs that claim to be an intensive one-week trip to TEFL certification.

It’s important that your TEFL offers high quality training.

We don’t accept everyone and anyone

We’d also like to make it clear that studying towards one of our TEFL certifications doesn’t automatically guarantee you on a teaching English in Colombia program. Places are limited and every year we receive applications from highly qualified candidates. Indeed, another reason why you should be picky about the course you choose is because you’ll be competing against other TEFL qualified applicants.

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The basics

You should choose a course that lasts at least 120 hours and that requires you to teach students in a classroom setting as part of the practice. That way, when you apply to teach in Colombia, you can add official teaching experience hours to your application form. You’ll be able to refer to your teaching experience in the interview process and there’ll be more reasons for us to offer you a placement.

In person or online?

We recommend that you study in-person. There are loads of TEFL certifications out there that can be done online, but there’s nothing that can beat face-to-face contact and face-to-face teaching experience. There are courses designed to help people who can cope with an entirely face-to-face program (be it for work of persons commitments). These courses ask you to complete a certain number of hours onsite and teaching in person, but they also allow you to complete the major part of the course online, at home, in your own time.

If you do have to study online, due to other commitments, we seriously recommend that you opt for the partially online courses and not those that are 100% online.

What now?

Please bear in mind that, at present, we’re recruiting for a June start, which means that your application must be with us by 15th April. If you want to meet the deadline for a placement that begins in June, you really should start studying on the program of your choice as soon as possible.

If you need any more help or you’d like to receive a little bit of one-on-one advice, don’t hesitate in contacting us directly. We’d love to help you in any way that we can!


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