Teaching English in Colombia: How do I give the best Skype interview ever?

By Tracey Chandler

consejos-entrevista-trabajo-skypeIf you want to teaching English in Colombia, you’ll be required to commit to an online interview via Skype. Sound daunting? Here’s a few tips to help you show off the very best of your talents and strengths…

  1. Get familiar with Skype

If you’ve never used Skype before (or if you’ve only ever used it for personal reasons), you should do a demo run with the help of a family member or friend. You need to know how video chatting works, how to use the “messenger” part of Skype, how to increase and decrease volume, how to turn your camera on and off, and more. Imagine how embarrassed you’ll feel if the person interviewing you has to wait for five minutes while you work out how to turn your microphone on! :-/

  1. Accept your interviewer as a contact ahead of time

In order to speak with your interviewer, he or she must be a “contact” of yours. This means you have to send him or her a contact request or accept the request that he or she has sent to you. Again, don’t wait until the last minute to do this. Accept him or her as soon as possible so that you’re all ready to go when the big day arrives.

  1. Be patient

It’s not a good idea to call your interviewer ahead of schedule. Even if you can see them online and it’s five minutes or so after your scheduled interview time, be patient. Your interviewer is probably preparing to talk to you, or finishing up on notes about something else in their day, etc. If you call, you might be interrupting them unnecessarily.

Obviously, if 30 minutes goes by you might want to send a quick message in the chat box to find out if everything’s ok, but if you’ve only been waiting for five minutes, try to relax and wait for the call to come to you.

Teach english in Colombia!

  1. Be prepared

It will be really embarrassing if your interviewer asks you about the TEFL placement program you’re signing up to and you don’t know anything about it. Read up on the programs we offer, the process you have to go through, the requirements and the experiences that the program aims to offer. If your interviewer can see that you’re informed about the program, he or she will know that you’re serious about teaching.

Be ready to explain why you’ve chosen the particular program in question and why you want to teach in the destination you’ve selected. Be specific and be ready to answer in detail about what you want to get out of the experience.

  1. Investigate a little about Colombia

Do you know what people eat in Colombia? Do you know what the weather’s like? Do you know what they speak? Do you know something about the town you’d like to be placed in? Be knowledgeable about Colombia. We need teachers who know how to teach English, but we also need teachers who are interested in Colombia.

  1. Be professional

Just because you’re on a Skype interview, it doesn’t mean you can communicate with your interviewer as though he or she were your friend. Skype interviews for teaching English in Colombia are JOB INTERVIEWS. We’re not fooling around with our selection process and we need to see that you’re taking it seriously too. Teaching English is Colombia is not a long vacation with a bit of teaching here and there on the side. If you want to travel, don’t sign up to this program. This program is for people who want to teach and who want to make a difference in the lives of the students that they meet.

  1. Be smart

Again, it might be Skype interview, but you must look the part. Make an effort. Don’t turn up in your pyjamas, don’t have anything inappropriate or distracting going on in the background and make sure you’re in a place where you interviewer can hear you clearly (Starbucks is not a good idea).

  1. Read over the application form you sent in

You’ve probably mentioned all the reasons why you want to teach in Colombia and all the experience you have on your application form, but your interviewer will want to hear about them from you “in-person”, so be prepared to discuss everything that you listed on that form. Read over what you sent as a way of preparing for the interview.

  1. Enjoy it!

Everyone gets nervous in interviews, particularly when it’s for something that we really, really want, but try to enjoy and learn from the experience at the same time. Nobody’s out to get you or to trip you up on anything. We just want to make sure that you’re the right person for this kind of international experience. So, smile!


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