Which “Teaching English Program” is the one for me?

By Tracey Chandler

TeachersChoosing the right Teaching English Program to sign up to is important. It’s naive to think that all programs are the same or require the same kind of experience. What’s more, you’ll need to think very carefully about the place you want to teach in. If you’re going to spend a number of months in the destination of your choice, it has to be a place that interests you on a number of levels.

So… what kind of Teaching English Programs do we offer?

All of our programs are based in Latin America. We work with schools and other kinds of educational institutions in Argentina, Colombia and Peru. We also offer two kinds of programs: the first is an internship program and the second is a full time job teaching English.

I’ve never taught English as a foreign language before…

If you’ve never taught English as a foreign language before, we highly recommend that you opt for our internship programs based in both Argentina and Colombia.

Internship programs in Argentina

One of the important things to highlight about these programs is that we work with a wide range educational institutions all over Argentina. We’ve placed teachers in Buenos Aires, Mar del Plata, Córdoba and Rosario, just to give you an idea of a few places on our list.

The program fee that we charge to sign up to the internships in Argentina includes accommodation, food and Spanish classes. There aren’t any other programs of this kind in Argentina. What’s more, it’s a wonderful country to visit and discover. Many people who sign up to these programs end up follow in love with the country and wanting to stay for longer.

For more information, click here: http://www.cwlatinamerica.org/tefl-internships-c-8-49.html

Mar del Plata, By Dave Stengel



Internship programs in Colombia

The really big incentive for signing up to teach on the internships programs in Colombia is that there’s no fee involved. We ask for a USD$400 deposit, but this is returned to you in full at the end of the placement. This helps us to ensure that our teachers stay to the very end of their teaching placement, and it’s a plus for the teachers who sign up because, naturally, the cost of the experience is seriously reduced.

For more information, click here: http://www.cwlatinamerica.org/tefl-internships-c-8-63.html

I already have experience teaching English as a foreign language…

If you already have teaching experience and you’re looking to further your career by teaching English in a foreign context, we highlight recommend that you sign up to the full time Work Program that we offer in private schools that are located in Colombia and Peru.

Teaching English Work Programs in Colombia

If you’d like to teach English on one of our work programs in Colombia, you can choose between Cucuta, Bogota, Cali, Medellin and Cartagena. The school that accepts you as an English teacher will pay for your flight (the flight that takes you to the destination), which is naturally a real incentive when you’re trying to keep the costs of your experience to a minimum.

However, the selection process is a lot more rigorous than that of the internship programs. You will have to successfully pass through two interviews and two weeks of online orientation before the school in question decides whether or not to accept you on the program.

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Teaching English Work Programs in Peru

Placements are only available in Lima and the same strict rules apply for these work programs. The school will pay for your flight to Peru, but the selection process is highlight intensive. In addition, the participating schools in Lima ask that all teachers who apply already have an official teaching qualification. It’s a prerequisite for teaching in this country and there can be no exceptions to the rule.

More information on the Work Programs in Colombia and Peru can be found here: http://www.cwlatinamerica.org/tefl-jobs-c-16-64.html

Exploring the Culture in Buenos Aires, By the New York University Abu Dhabi

More help

If you need more help deciding on the best route to follow, please do contact us personally for more information. We’ll be delighted to help you!

For further information you can contact us in our Facebook page or visit our websites of Latinamerica and Argentina.

Infinite possibilities and the chance of a life-time experience are awaiting you! Want to join us?

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