Argentine Cinema Goes Independent

By Tracey Chandler


Buenos Aires is a wonderful city in which to enjoy independent Latin American film. It’s also a great city in which to take part in projects of a creative nature. Connecting Worlds has lots of contacts and is always ready and willing to help you find a project to suit your needs. Continue reading

Mendoza isn’t just about wine and vineyards

By Tracey Chandler

Mendoza is world-famous for its delicious wines, but there’s more to Argentina’s north-western city than grapes and fermentation processes. Continue reading

International Women’s Day 2014 in Chile and Argentina

By Tracey Chandler

womens-day, By Earthsky.orgWhat did International Women’s Day 2014 reveal? What were some of the most pertinent statistics revealed on this day? How was it celebrated in Latin America? Connecting Worlds takes a look at some global figures and shares some of the events from Chile and Argentina to mark the event. Continue reading

Why is Argentina such a popular place to visit?

By Tracey Chandler

Argentina might be popular with tourists for the colourful beauty of its canyons in the northwest regions, for the spectacular sights of the icebergs in the south, for its far-reaching vineyards in Mendoza, or for the challenge presented by Aconcagua, but Argentina has also worked hard to make itself an attractive place to visit beyond the realms of its natural beauty. Continue reading

The Best of Argentina’s 2013/2014 New Year Celebrations


By Tracey Chandler

Argentina is a special place to visit over the New Year period, whether you’re with friends, family, colleagues or random acquaintances who happen to be staying in the same hostel as you. Festive fun conquered all, as people said goodbye to 2013 and welcomed with open arms the start of yet another year. Continue reading

Saint Patrick’s Day in Buenos Aires: A Beginner’s Guide

With its characteristic green garb and widespread jubilance, Saint Patrick’s Day is a holiday celebrated to varying degrees in nearly every major city in the world, and Buenos Aires is no exception. This comes as no surprise given that the city is home to an estimated 700,000 residents Continue reading