My past five months in Colombia..

San AgustinBy Sara French

The past five months of my life have been an ongoing adventure. I rode a horse to an UNESCO World Heritage Site, hiked through the world’s largest palm trees, eaten way past the point of being full, bathed in natural hot springs, taken a bus without fully knowing my destination, bodysurfed in the Pacific Ocean for the first time, averaged around three cups of delicious coffee a day, watched the sunset from the top of a mountain, and got lost way too many times to count. Continue reading

CW Destinations: Chile

thumbStretching more than 2,600 miles down the western coast and averaging only 109 miles wide, Chile is the skinniest country in South America. Also, it is home to many natural wonders: the driest desert in the world in the north, the endless coastal area in the west, the majestic Andes in the east and the smoky and snow-covered volcanos in the south. The Easter Island and the Robinson Crusoe Island in the Pacific Ocean are definitely also among the main attractions of the country. Continue reading

Working while travelling

By Andrea Gottschalk & Marina Errecart

A young woman with a backpack is looking at the ruins of an ancient Maya city Tikal. Guatemala

A young woman with a backpack is looking at the ruins of an ancient Maya city Tikal. Guatemala

Sometimes we feel the pressure of routine and daily life, we miss freedom and adventure. Constantly dreaming about travelling but at the same time we feel prisoners of the safety of a permanent job. Our home surrounded of our loved family and friends also seems impossible to leave behind.  Continue reading

New volunteer program at a Horse Rescue in Argentina!

11078135_837887796292105_3555538485556428758_nVolunteer Program at the Villa Rumpial animal shelter, Córdoba

What does this animal shelter do?

This mainly horse shelter (but also packed with other animals, mostly dogs) is run by Jorge and Claudia’s family. They have spent the past 20 years rescuing and healing ill-treated horses. They work hand –in-hand with their 4 daughters: twins Macarena and Micaela (13 years old), Lourdes (8) and Gema (only 3 years old) Continue reading

CW Destinations- Guatemala: Heart of the Mayan World

By Andrea Gottschalk & Marina Errecart

thumb (3)Since we are settled in more than 20 cities across Latin America, it is essential for you to have precise information about each destination. Sometimes the best decisions are not the easiest ones… But do not worry; we are going to help you! Continue reading

What makes Spring in Argentina such a great time to visit?

By Tracey Chandler

Argentina Spring, By davelizadventure.blogspot.comSpring in Argentina is a wonderful time to visit, firstly because of the weather. The days begin to get longer after the winter, and the sun starts to come back out of its shell — without being that kind of aggressive summer sun — so that we can run around freely in shorts and t-shirt. Continue reading

What does it mean to be a Responsible Tourist?

By Tracey Chandler

What does it mean to be a responsible tourist? How does one travel responsibly? Does responsible tourism only relate to taking care of the planet or does it also relate to how we interact with the people and the cultures we come across when away from home? Continue reading

How do you Prepare for Teaching Children in Argentina?

By Tracey Chandler

Teaching children in any country is a huge responsibility. The role of the teacher — whether working in a state school and delivering the national curriculum, or working in a private capacity to teach children an additional skill which supplements their basic education — is an extremely influential one and should never be taken lightly. Continue reading