A Day in the Life of an English Teaching Fellow in Colombia

dsc_0934By Sara French

Hey, my name is Sara and I am an English Teaching Fellow in Cali, Colombia. Maybe you have already applied to the program (great decision) or you’re just curious about living abroad; either way I hope I can paint a small picture about my daily life here in Colombia. It is difficult to write about a “typical” day here simply because every day is different filled with its own surprises and challenges. Continue reading

Food For Thought: Cuisine in Argentina

By Harriet Webb

EmpanadasMouth-watering steaks and crisp red wines are probably the first things that spring to mind when one is asked to imagine Argentina. And while there is no denying that the country has, to use a French expression, the crème de la crème of both delicacies, there are plenty of other culinary delights that are less well-known, but just as delicious. Continue reading

CW Destinations: Chile

thumbStretching more than 2,600 miles down the western coast and averaging only 109 miles wide, Chile is the skinniest country in South America. Also, it is home to many natural wonders: the driest desert in the world in the north, the endless coastal area in the west, the majestic Andes in the east and the smoky and snow-covered volcanos in the south. The Easter Island and the Robinson Crusoe Island in the Pacific Ocean are definitely also among the main attractions of the country. Continue reading

Working while travelling

By Andrea Gottschalk & Marina Errecart

A young woman with a backpack is looking at the ruins of an ancient Maya city Tikal. Guatemala

A young woman with a backpack is looking at the ruins of an ancient Maya city Tikal. Guatemala

Sometimes we feel the pressure of routine and daily life, we miss freedom and adventure. Constantly dreaming about travelling but at the same time we feel prisoners of the safety of a permanent job. Our home surrounded of our loved family and friends also seems impossible to leave behind.  Continue reading

Environmental Issues Plaguing Argentina – What are they? What is being done?

By Tracey Chandler

Air pollution, By in.reuters,comThe contamination of the environment is a problem which affects the entire planet. There isn’t a country across the world which isn’t affected in some way by environmental issues and/or contamination of some kind. Argentina hasn’t been miraculously saved from the fate of the rest of the world. It also suffers from the consequences of climate change. Continue reading

Female, single and looking for a challenge – Try a working holiday in Argentina

By Tracey Chandler

Anne Laure from FranceIf you’re female and looking for a challenge that you can embark on all on your own, a working holiday program in Argentina is definitely something you should look into. Continue reading

US born, Gayl Linette Braddix de Buzzi, talks to Connecting Worlds about her experience as a black, female, foreigner, living in Argentina for the long-term

By Tracey Chandler

Gayl BraddixGayl Linette Braddix de Buzzi, black, US female, now married to an Argentine and living in Buenos Aires, talks to Connecting Worlds about life abroad, making friends, adapting to Argentine culture and having to defend herself against challenging remarks concerning the politics of her homeland.


Continue reading