My past five months in Colombia..

San AgustinBy Sara French

The past five months of my life have been an ongoing adventure. I rode a horse to an UNESCO World Heritage Site, hiked through the world’s largest palm trees, eaten way past the point of being full, bathed in natural hot springs, taken a bus without fully knowing my destination, bodysurfed in the Pacific Ocean for the first time, averaged around three cups of delicious coffee a day, watched the sunset from the top of a mountain, and got lost way too many times to count. Continue reading

Month One in the Happiest Country in the World

By Sara French

English Fellow Orientation, Bogota. By Sara FrenchHola de Colombia! My name is Sara French and I am an English Teaching Fellow in Colombia, South America. I graduated from Davidson College in North Carolina this past May with the daunting thought of “what am I going to do with my life?” I think this crosses every college graduates’ mind at some point. I studied abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina during Spring 2014 and always knew I wanted to return to South America. Continue reading

Environmental Issues Plaguing Argentina – What are they? What is being done?

By Tracey Chandler

Air pollution, By in.reuters,comThe contamination of the environment is a problem which affects the entire planet. There isn’t a country across the world which isn’t affected in some way by environmental issues and/or contamination of some kind. Argentina hasn’t been miraculously saved from the fate of the rest of the world. It also suffers from the consequences of climate change. Continue reading

Jessica Womack shares her experiences of Teaching English in Argentina

By Tracey Chandler

Thanks to one of Connecting Worlds’ international partners, ESLstarter, Jessica Womack found herself arriving to Buenos Aires’ international airport just a few months ago to realize a program of Teaching English in Argentina.



Continue reading

Mendoza isn’t just about wine and vineyards

By Tracey Chandler

Mendoza is world-famous for its delicious wines, but there’s more to Argentina’s north-western city than grapes and fermentation processes. Continue reading

5 Typical Cultural Activities when Visiting Argentina

By Tracey Chandler

Argentina, By LanguageinsightIf you’re planning to visit Argentina as a tourist, to realize an internship or to participate in a working holiday program, you’ll want to integrate yourself into your surroundings as much as possible. Continue reading

Marla Torrado talks about completing her thesis as a foreign student in Argentina

By Tracey Chandler

279226_10150244522623716_2280168_oMarla Torrado, 31 years old, born and raised in Puerto Rico, currently lives in Austin, Texas, as she is completing her PhD at the University of Texas-Austin in Community and Regional Planning. She was offered a Fulbright Fellowship in order to carry out her dissertation fieldwork and is spending nine months of that time in Argentina to work on her thesis… one month in Buenos Aires and eight months in Córdoba. Continue reading

Heather Drinnan talks to Connecting World about her Working Holiday in Argentina

By Tracey Chandler

Heather 7Heather Drinnan, from New Zealand, was in her second year of teaching English in Japan when she decided that it was time for a new challenge. After a little bit of thought and lots of preparation, she decided to commit to a Working Holiday program in Balcarce, Argentina. She shares her thoughts about the entire experience with Connecting Worlds in this short interview. Continue reading

Will there be problems receiving packages in Argentina from abroad?

By Tracey Chandler

Package sending, By www.Postur.isIs it really that difficult to receive a package in Argentina from abroad? Are there many complications? “My family wants to send me something from home while I’m on my working holiday in Argentina… will it really be that difficult for me to collect the package that they send?” Continue reading