What’s it like to work on an environmentally-conscious travel lodge in Argentina?

By Tracey Chandler

piedra naranjaHave you ever thought about working for an environmentally-conscious travel lodge in Argentina? Do you dream of trying your hand at international tourism, working in the middle of incredible landscapes alongside a group of experienced professionals who care deeply for the natural world that surrounds them? If so, you might want to talk to us about our Piedra Naranja program in Laguna La Brava. Continue reading

Argentina’s Tourism in 2014 – a few things to note

By Tracey Chandler

47868_131585353554274_8067550_nEven though Argentina has had a pretty rough time of it in terms of its economy — an unstoppable rise in inflation, the vulture funds, and an incredible loss against the US dollar — it’s tourism sector has managed to do fairly well.

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