How do you Prepare for Teaching Children in Argentina?

By Tracey Chandler

Teaching children in any country is a huge responsibility. The role of the teacher — whether working in a state school and delivering the national curriculum, or working in a private capacity to teach children an additional skill which supplements their basic education — is an extremely influential one and should never be taken lightly. Continue reading

Traveling across Argentina with expert advice

By Tracey Chandler

Imagine you’ve decided to visit Argentina, for whatever reason. You might be in the country on a teaching English abroad program, a working holiday, a Spanish course or you might just be visiting as a regular tourist. Continue reading

Jessica Womack shares her experiences of Teaching English in Argentina

By Tracey Chandler

Thanks to one of Connecting Worlds’ international partners, ESLstarter, Jessica Womack found herself arriving to Buenos Aires’ international airport just a few months ago to realize a program of Teaching English in Argentina.



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