Bocas del Toro

Located on Isla Colón in the Caribbean Sea, this city belongs to Panamá. This is a very paradisiac destination: few people live on the island. The city is very small and most places are within walking distance. Beaches are surrounded by jungles, trees or rain forests. Surfing and eco-tours are two of the favorite activities among visitors. A National Marine Park represents how this city protects and respects the sea and the species living there. The great diversity of wildlife is carefully preserved by local people and visitors. Lodging is not a problem, the city has a wide range of options: from hostels for young visitors to luxury and sophisticated hotels.


The best of the city


This is a paradisiacal place with beaches and activities to suit all tastes. Sunny days near the Caribbean Sea: are you ready?


Beaches: Relax your body and mind inthese peaceful and isolated beaches. Waters are clean and usually there are no waves. Perfect for snorkeling and diving: you can see a great population of corals and colorful sponges.      

Surfing: Bocas is a perfect destination for surfers. A wide range of spots for different levels is available. The peak season begins in November and lasts until April. Bocas host International Competitions and there are some schools for beginners.


Activities: The calm and clear water makes this place ideal for snorkeling, diving and surfing. But also, you have to try some trekking, hiking or sailing. Do not miss the Marine Turtle, which is a very iconic symbol of this city and one in a lifetime experience. Another exciting option is to sail across the Caribbean Sea.


Nightlife: Since this is a very popular destination for young people, you have endless choices with fun guaranteed. After a day at the beach, you can dine in local restaurants and then go dancing. According to your musical preferences, you can go to electronic parties at the beach or dance “bachata” (it is a rhythm similar to the salsa) with local people at the streets. Bocas Bamboo is a private beach that offers thematic parties: there party ends when you want it! 



Bocas has a tropical rainforest climate with not predictable dry season. Temperatures are constant during the year: it ranges from 30° to 20° Celsius.


How to get to the city


You can arrive directly by air to the Isla Colón International Airport. Depending on your budget, you have three options from Panama City: a flight, a boat that takes 30 minutes or a ferry that takes 2 hours. 

Reason to visit Bocas del Toro:


Beaches: Natural and golden sand beaches where you can rest or practice activitiesin contact with nature.


Nightlife: A vibrant atmosphere emerges when the sun goes down and it is an opportunity to meet people from all over the world.


Activities: Options for every visitor and for every taste: fun is assured for everyone in Bocas del Toro. 


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