El Bolsón

At the foothills of the Piltriquitrón Mountain, this is one of the leading tourist destinations in the Patagonia Argentina. Surrounded by the stunning Andes, lakes and forests, in this “ecological city” people are very committed to preserve the environment. Always vibrating with positive energy, El Bolsón is popular among people with a Hippie lifestyle. In this laid-back atmosphere, you can practice sports, such as hiking and trekking, visit museums and enjoy the wide nightlife. Close to Río Azul, the Circular Plaza holds the market where you can buy fresh fruits, beer or handicrafts. Around this inspiring city, wood cabins and charming sculptures makes you feel part of a tale!


The best of the city


Peaceful days, enjoyable nights and a wide range of activities make this city a perfect destination for any tourist!


Outdoor activities: Rafting, climbing, trekking are some of the activities you can practice in this spectacular scenario. Near the lakes, you can enjoy the views practicing horse riding or mountain bike. Hiking is the IDEAL activity the whole year round: there are more than thirty refugees set to host the visitors. 

Craft market: The visit to Plaza Pagano is an absolutely MUST DO! There you can find products crafts from wood, metal, leather and wool. Local producers also sell their chesses, beers and jams (try local fruits: sauco, calafate or mosqueta). At the Plaza, you can also enjoy live music or shows from residents.


Eating: Visitors can drink raspberry, cherry or chocolate beer at the famous “Cerveceria El Bolsón”. “Jauja” is another icon of the city: handmade ice-creams flavors (we recommend “dulce de leche Jauja”). Chocolates, cheeses and cold cuts are easy to find delicacies in this city.


Lodging: There are a great number of hostels where you can share rooms, save money and experiment a cultural exchange! Cabins are an excellent choice but recommended for people that do not travel alone. El Bolsón also has five-star hotels and spas: prices are not cheap, but they are worth it!



The city has a Mediterranean climate: windy summers and rainy winters. In summer, there are warm temperatures during the day averaging 24° Celsius. During the winter, temperature averages -10° Celsius. Due to its location in a valley, winds speeds are lower than other Patagonian cities.


How to get to the city


By plane, the nearest airports are in the cities of Bariloche or Esquel. It is easy to get by bus and you can enjoy the views during the trip (especially in autumn where the foliage offers a beautiful mix of colors). Once a week, the train from Bariloche to Viedma reaches you in the city. You can also get by car (even from Chile) but there are many roads there are still being paved. 

Reasons to visit El Bolsón:


Views: beautiful lakes, towering mountains and abundant vegetation create a natural scenario perfect for RELAX and ADVENTURE.


Food: you will love thetypical flavors made for local people. It does not matter if you prefer sweet or salad food... El Bolsón has something special for every visitor.


Lodging: choose among lots of options, from shared rooms in a hostel to exclusive five-star hotels.


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